Rebel Wilson Stars in Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic is an upcoming romantic comedy with a twist on the genre.
Rebel Wilson stars as Natalie, an architect in New York City. Natalie is cynic who doesn’t believe in love and especially loathes romantic comedies. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

After a run in with a thief leads to Natalie getting knocked unconscious, she wakes up and has the shock of her life. Natalie finds out that she’s trapped in a romantic comedy as the lead, and she cannot escape. Natalie is torn between two love interests – her best friend Josh (Adam DeVine) and handsome stranger Blake (Liam Hemsworth). Meanwhile, Josh has fallen for yoga ambassador Isabella (Priyanka Chopra).

To make matters even worse, the rom-com that Natalie is trapped in is rated PG-13, and nudity and cursing are censored. On the plus side, her wardrobe and apartment get an upgrade.

Isn’t it Romantic includes references to classic rom-coms such as Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and When Harry Met Sally. It’s chock-full of genre tropes, and even includes musical numbers. Fittingly, the film is set to be released on Valentine’s day. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

Isn’t It Romantic delightfully and knowingly plays on the tropes familiar in romantic comedies. Director Todd Strauss-Schulson describes the film as “a romantic comedy about falling in love with yourself. And it’s a romantic comedy about romantic comedies and the romantic stories we tell ourselves.”

The romantic comedy genre has undergone something of a mini renaissance, with the success of films such as Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I’d Loved Before. It’s great timing for a film that pulls out all the stops playing with the genre like Isn’t It Romantic. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Wilson, perhaps best known for Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect, is delighted to be in a leading role this time around. The 38 year old Australian actress is a rising star in Hollywood. As a plus sized actress as well as a female comedian, she’s had to fight an uphill battle, but Wilson has persevered. In fact, Wilson has used her uniqueness in Hollywood to her advantage.

“Being unique and different was a really good thing,” said Wilson. “When I walked into my agent’s office for the first time, they looked at me and said, ‘Wow, we have nobody on our books like you.’ And they signed me on my second day [in the U.S.].”
In addition to starring in Isn’t It Romantic, Wilson is also the film’s co-producer.

What You Need To Know Michael Hagele A Prominent Corporate Lawyer And Entrepreneur

Technology changes fast and every moment new technologies in the areas of biotechnology, internet of things, artificial intelligence, hardware, and software are being developed. The legal landscape is challenging to navigate especially for technology companies. However, Michael Hagele a seasoned legal personality with proven experience in handling legal matters has assisted many technology companies to handle commercial disputes. Having worked with tech firms, as an in-house counsel, Michael Hagele, is reputable counsel has a passion for technology and innovation. Apart from being an attorney in startup and high growth tech companies, he has also worked as a counsel for commercial entities. Some of the industries Michael has worked include biotechnology, defense, and aerospace. He provides cost-effective legal services to small business focused on technology. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

Michael Hagele is a respected professional in legal drafting, licensing and distribution agreements for software, negotiation, and closing technology-related deals. He has experience in commercial contracts regarding original equipment manufacturers OEMs and expert in intellectual property law. Michael worked as a general counsel for technology, and the internet companies. As a legal expert in venture capital investments, corporate governance, stock administration, employment issues, mergers and acquisitions transactions Michael has offered assistance to tech firms.

Michael studied BA political science and English at the University of Iowa. He later, qualified in JD at the University of California and curved a lucrative career in the legal field. Michael Hagele began his career at the Silicon Valley, where he has worked for companies like Fenwick & West LLP, BigVine, Metaweb Technologies, Inc. Today, he works as Corporate Counsel in a Private Research and Development Company, Offering legal services. As a legal consultant, his primary clients are technology-related companies. In a recent interview, Hagele shared great insights on productivity, technology, and business. As an accomplished lawyer, he believes the client’s interest should be put first. He asserts that the entrepreneurial values have helped him win trust among his clients.



The quest for success in medicine by Dr. Saad Saad

If you want to succeed you have to be persistent and also persevere in whatever you are doing to achieve your goal. One person who has done this in his life is Dr. Saad Saad who is now credited for carrying out many surgical procedures to children and adults. He has accomplished a lot of things although he has gone through a lot of challenges in his life.

The successful surgeon is an inspiration to those who live in severe conditions today that if they work hard, they can improve their state and achieve their dreams. The doctor has several traits that make him a successful surgeon. For example, he is an organized person. Being organized ensures that he can perform efficiently and he does not procrastinate on tasks.


Dr. Saad Saad went to Cairo where he studied for a medical degree and excelled graduating with honors. He also did the ECFMG exam and passed well, and that is why he got a chance to go for further studies in the United States. He also qualified for an internship in the UK, and when he went to the United States, he did his residency. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and Dr. Saad Saad | Crunchbase

Today, he is a certified surgeon who is affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center. He is also an affiliate of Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Saad Saad has performed thousands of free surgeries on children in Jerusalem when he was on his medical mission.


Saad Saad has achieved a lot of things in the medical world. He is specialized in pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. He has successfully operated thousands of operations to teenagers and infants. Apart from being involved in surgeries, the talented doctor is also concerned in research. He is a renowned researcher who patent inventions.

He has also been looking for ways to improve the surgical procedures done to patients. It has been successful because he has improved how surgical procedures are done to patients.

The doctor is appreciative of how genetics has advanced because he believes it helps in the prevention, treatment, and understanding of diseases like cancer and other chronic diseases. He is an author who has published various articles because he wants to educate other surgeons on how to conduct successful procedures. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad:

To succeed in surgeries like Saad Saad, you need to be organized and ensure you are fully prepared for the operation. That is why you need to get enough sleep during the night and take a healthy breakfast during the day.

It would enable you to have the energy required to carry out the surgical procedures successfully. Dr. Saad Saad has been following these tips strictly and that is why he is an outstanding pediatric surgeon, a profession that is for very few professionals.

Shiraz Boghani Is Awarded Hotelier of the Year

Shiraz Boghani Is Awarded Hotelier of the Year

Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya and he arrived at the U.K in 1969. He began studying as an accountant in a small firm of Chartered Accountants. Later on, he moved to McLintock & Co (which is now known as KPMG.) Shiraz Boghani is an imaginative and groundbreaking businessman who rushed to spot business improvement in Sussex Health Care. Since a few years, Boghani has been working as the Chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. Just recently, Mr. Boghani was honored at the Asian Business Award with the Hotelier of the Year’ award which is a big recognition for a man who has been in the hospitality business for over 25 years.

Find out more about Shiraz Boghani at Behance

Splendid Hospitality Group is one of the UK’s quickest developing exclusive inn gatherings and that is a demonstration of the persuasive devotion and outstanding diligent work of Shiraz Boghani. Mr. Boghani is excited to have gotten this honor. Hospitality is a tremendous piece of his business life. He said he was greatly pleased with the advancements of Splendid Hospitality Group which would not be conceivable without the help of his Splendid Family and its exceedingly experienced official and administration groups.

Shiraz Boghani’s His latest and energizing venture incorporates the improvement and dispatch of the polished £121 million Hilton London Bankside, situated in London’s Bankside. Other lead inns incorporate The Conrad London St James, The Grand Hotel and Spa, York and Holiday Inn London – Wembley with late acquisitions incorporating the New Ellington in Leeds and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel. Mr. Boghani is additionally a noteworthy supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation, a UK enlisted philanthropy and also the Aga Khan Development Network all around.

The award was presented by an important jury. This jury had the participation of Amit Roy who is group managing editor of AMG; Kalpesh R Solanki who is executive editor for AMG; Shailesh R Solanki who is the MP for Richmond (Yorkshire), and Jitesh Gashia who is a renowned investment banker. Additionally, the ceremony of the Asian Business Award was attended by stars such as Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith. Other guests were the Labour and Conservative candidates for Mayor of London. Visit:


Michael Hagele, Corporate Counsel and Tech Investor

California based Michael Hagele is many things to many people. Hagele is a senior outside counsel for several technology-based companies, an early investor in technology start-ups and an investor in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

All of these responsibilities under Hagele’s belt and he still finds the time to ride a mountain or road bike every day. “It’s not unusual for me to be able to arrive at a new approach for a client’s issues during these times” Hagele states in an interview with IdeaMensch.

Michael Hagele graduated with his BA from the University of Iowa and later completed his law degree at the University of California, Berkeley. After his graduation, Hagele worked as an Attorney for Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group in Palo Alto, CA. The knowledge he gained there allowed him to start working in Counselling in the year 2000. Connect with Michael Hagele by visiting his linkedin account.

Hagele has worked in counsel at Bigvine and Metaweb Technologies before leaving to start his venture in Corporate Counsel. Now an entrepreneur, Hagele has provided his legal services to many tech businesses while investing in projects of his enjoyment. Mountain and road biking has been an outlet for Hagele as he adheres to physical activity recharging and sharpening the mind. He enjoys the competition of Strava and keeps up with his friends’ mountain bike rides.

As a productive entrepreneur, Hagele puts his customers first. There is much pressure in doing the best job possible, but he helps his clients with business and life. That is not something Hagele takes lightly.

While Hagele works with others in his business ventures, he enjoys working with those who invest in its success. An average evening for Hagele is on the phone with his international clients discussing strategy. Michael Hagele works hard to ensure that you and your business success.



How Students Can Learn from Bruno Fagali

Learning from a mentor is one of the best ways for someone to advance in a career. The nation of Brazil is going through various changes. With high economic growth, millions of people are moving to the country. With all of the immigration, the legal field is overrun with questions from clients.

Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer who specializes in helping small business owners. In the past few years, he has invested a ton of time and money into his business. He is proud of the work he has accomplished. Not only has Bruno won multiple awards, but he has helped hundreds of clients. Know more about Fagali at


Getting Started


After graduating from college, Bruno Fagali decided to attend law school. He enjoyed studying about the law and wanted to have a prominent career. He worked for multiple law firms after graduation. He worked long hours each day, and he always looked for ways to improve the companies he worked at.

Bruno decided to abandon the corporate world and work on a business idea. Some of his work colleagues thought he was crazy to leave his prominent position. However, Bruno wanted to spend time helping people in the local community. Visit Mundodo Marketing to know more about Fagali.




Bruno Fagali spends most of his time helping low-income clients with legal issues. He firmly believes that wealthy people should spend their time and money helping others. Although he could make more money working with a different client base, he enjoys helping people who need it most.

Bruno also teaches a few classes each year at a local college. Although he does not make much money from this venture, he enjoys teaching others about the legal profession.

Future Goals


Bruno Fagali has had an excellent career in the legal industry. He plans to add a location for his company in the next few months. By offering another site, he can serve more clients than ever before. Due to his popularity, some people have speculated that Bruno will run for political office. However, he says that he wants to focus on running his company.


Alex Hern and Diligent Board Membership

Alex Hern is a conscientious professional who has been making his mark in the technology scene for a long stretch. People who have been following the technology scene in the United States and beyond have been watching Alexander F. Hern do his thing for about 15 years at this point. It’s actually a little longer than that. Learn more about Alex at

What exactly is Hern known for in the United States and around the world? He’s known by many for the development of celebrated companies such as Tsunami VR, Inc. Tsunami VR is a full-service firm that’s devoted to all different aspects of virtual reality. It’s a company that accommodates the requests of organizations in all parts of the planet. It supplies companies with communications practices that can enhance smooth sailing at work. Hern’s the President of Tsunami VR. People realize that he’s its Co-Founder, too. Since Hern is a motivated entrepreneur, he’s been behind the introduction of so many different companies throughout the years.


Hern lives in one of the most attractive cities in the United States right now. That city is Southern California’s San Diego. It’s about two hours or so away from all the action that’s available in Los Angeles. Alex Hern has many different pastimes that help him with his illustrious career. One of his big things in life involves working on the boards for all sorts of companies. He’s been a board member for countless organizations as of late. Silicon Valley Internet Capital is just one organization that Hern has discussed on many occasions. Hern is in his early fifties right now. Other companies that have been on his agenda are Agiliance Inc. Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty Inc., AppDirect Canada Inc. and UMF Group Inc. He’s been linked with companies that cover all sorts of fields out there. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Luis Carlos Trabuco Will Be Stepping Down As President Of Brandesco And Succeeded By De Lezari

After more than 15 years with one of Brazil’s most prestigious investment banks, Luis Carlos Trabuco will be stepping down as President of Bradesco and getting closer to retirement. Trabuco has been with the bank all the way through his famed career and has risen to high level positions in many of Brazil’s banking authority associations. His stepping down as president is part of a Trabuco Bradesco policy that limits the age of the person holding that position to 67, a process that was changed a couple years ago to accommodate a special situation that required Trabuco to stay on a little longer. Stepping into the vacated president position will be current Bradesco Vice President Octavio De Lazari who has the backing of Trabuco Bradesco and was approved by the bank’s board of directors and shareholders. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at

The Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco story begins back in 1969 when he began at the investment bank as a regular clerk. He completed his formal education at the School of Philosophy, Sciences and Literature of São Paulo during this time, and in 1984 he became the marketing director of the bank. He continued to work his way through the chain of command and even helped launch a few business subsidiary companies of Bradesco including Bradesco Vida e Previdência where he has served as CEO since 1992. He officially became a managing director and vice president of the main Bradesco Bank in 1999, assumed the role of CEO of Bradesco Seguros in 2003 and grew its assets substantially, and then became elected to President and Chairman of the entire Bradesco Bank and its holdings in 2009. Read more at Ultimo Segundo about Trabuco Bradesco.

One of the biggest accomplishments of Trabuco Bradesco is making the largest acquisition in the bank’s history of HSBC. That same year he was named in Isto É Dinheiro Magazine as the top Entrepreneur of the Year. Trabuco has also been a board member of non-profit organizations such as the Foundation Institute for Digestive System and Nutrition Diseases and the National Academy of Insurance and Pension Plans. Trabuco also was given a Title of Meritorious Citizen of Marília in 2009.


Lacey and Larkin: The Minority Decides Social Norms

It can be said that most of the positive and progressive developments in our society today have mostly been shaped by the intransigent minority.

Like the civil rights movement, the actions of the few who want to fight for what they think should be upheld will decide what gets to be established as morals and norms. Some of these intransigent minorities today who have shown their competence and passion for fighting human rights are the journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

The two journalists’ fight for human rights is rooted in Former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Decades ago, Arpaio detained the two journalists in the middle of the night at their home, while the journalists were doing their investigative work that involved Arpaio. It can be said that there’s already bad blood between Arpaio, and Larkin and Lacey.

Arpaio had already been investigated by Larkin and Lacey for his human rights violations. He had been seen to be a man whose authority went beyond what is justified. Arpaio was suspected of racial profiling and going out of his way just to push for his duty at the cost of others.

Another layer of the controversy today involves the pardon of Arpaio for the ruling against him to be put on prison for what he did for the two journalists.

The pardon was given by the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump, and the pardon gave Arpaio the chance to not serve his sentence.

This, according to a report from The News Version, is something that is truly appaling to Lacey and Larkin. In fact, Lacey saw this move by Trump as a political strategy to get the support of the people who saw Arpaio as a nationalist officer.

Many people saw that the acts of racial profiling by Arpaio against Latinos was a nationalist move that deserved praise.

Many people saw this as a chance for America to get rid of the people who are taking away the opportunities deserving to Americans. Arpaio was appealing to Pro-America, and Trump is seen by Lacey to be someone who wants to jump into the bandwagon and get this kind of support. Hence, the pardon.

Larkin and Lacey’s Fight Today

The case filed by Lacey and Larkin against Arpaio was a success, and they both got a settlement money of about $3.75 million for the lawsuit. The money is now being used as funds to support more organizations in Arizona that help Latinos protect their immigration and human rights.

Lacey and Larkin wants to devote all the money from the settlement fund to actively support groups that push forward the help that Latinos and Hispanics badly need in the political environment today.

The main organization that heads these Latino rights program is the Frontera Fund, and Lacey and Larkin founded this group to address the issues brought by the people like Trump who want to diminish the rights of the Latino communities in Arizona. Larkin and Lacey’s illegal detention has indeed been a fuel for the Latino groups today to get inspired to push further their advocacy against human rights abuse.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Ian King Uses New Strategies to Help Investors

As an investment guru, Ian King knows about investment techniques other people don’t know about. He works hard to make these techniques something people can use and tries to show them they can make things better no matter what. When he’s teaching people about investments, he feels good about what he can do and how he can make things work for them. It’s part of the hard work he puts into things that allows him the chance to show others they’ll have a chance at a better future. For Ian King, being an investment guru is the best part of the career he created for himself. Read this article at Release Fact.


As long as Ian King keeps giving people a chance to experience more positive opportunities, he knows he’s doing his job the right way. He has a lot of hope for the future of investing and wants people to understand what they can get from the business. He also knows how it will make things easier on them if they’re doing everything right. While Ian King spends time showing people how they can get more from investments, he also wants everyone to realize there are things they have to do to make it easier.

There were times when Ian King felt good about everything he had to offer. He felt like the options he had all went back to the hard work he put into the business. Ian King also knew a lot about the right way to do things relating to the best business practices. By showing people what they could do with investing, he gave them a chance at a better life. It was part of the positive aspects of his career as a guru that allowed him to give people options that would actually help them in the long term. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.


Through the hard work and the effort he put into things, Ian King gave everyone a chance who came to him. He prides himself on the techniques he came up with and isn’t afraid to show people how to use them the right way. When people see Ian King, they see him as someone who shows them the best opportunities. He isn’t afraid to make sure everyone knows he’s giving them all the best options. It’s his way of providing people with a chance to see how things will just keep getting better if they invest their money the right way.