Solvy Makes Learning Math Fun and Effective

Math learning can be such a pain in the brain, especially when the math problems used to convey the learning are dry, stale, uninteresting, and for which students cannot relate. Solvy is the best solution to this problem of problems. Alexei Beltyukov created Solvy to make learning math more effective, easier for teachers to teach, and immediately applicable in everyday life. Solvy transforms learning in several unique ways.

The first thing about Solvy that is different than any other kind of learning is that it helps the students discover the areas in life in which they are actually interested. Solvy gives real world problems where the math learned is used. The second aspect that surprises some users of Solvy is that math can be a lot of fun.

Solvy is the best friend any math teacher could ask for. It not only performs as a virtual tutor, freeing up the teacher’s time, but it also saves time for teachers when it comes to grading and reporting. This is a system far more advanced than a simple automated equation server. It has multiple capabilities, such as complex graphs, tables math, and customizable word problems.

For students, Solvy’s ability to zero in on a specific industry or profession is most important. For example, a student that is into architecture will be presented with real-world architecture problems by Solvy. The results are transmitted over the Internet, so it can be used from anywhere. It auto grades homework and quizzes, and even signals a teacher when a student is struggling. These are the reasons Solvy is becoming so popular.

Beltyukov started Solvy as a business to help both students and teachers have a better way to learn and teach mathematics with real-world dynamics and advanced automation to streamline the whole process. Many top educators are now using Solvy and singing its praises. There have been many ads for Solvy presented on edshelf, Launching Next, edSurge, and Singularity University.  Follow Alexei on Twitter, and be sure to check out his full history on