ClassDojo May Monetiz Its System, But Will Wait To Do So

ClassDojo is making classrooms a place where students will want to go to learn, and is making communication easier for teachers. What it’s done is built a bridge between parents and teachers where parents can see pictures during the day of what their children are doing, and notify the teacher that they are pleased with the activity. Now, ClassDojo is looking to get some pay features included in its program. Signing up for the app will always remain free, but there will soon be content available that’s meant to build on the current learning features. ClassDojo’s founders are in no rush to bring in the premium content, but instead want to keep growing and researching their customer base.


ClassDojo was started in 2011 when founders Sam Chaudharry and Liam Don came to the US from the UK. They had taken note of how classrooms seemed to be lacking a motivating tool for promoting positive behavior, and as they saw how much of a phenomenon Facebook was becoming, they decided to make a platform similar to that to help schools.
Originally, Class Dojo was primarily a point-system award that teachers could give students, but now they’ve built it into a fully integrated platform that is meant to bring together schools and families into the process. Students activities are recorded on a profile and students or teachers can take photos and turn them into a story on the day, or teachers can send texts to parents who also have the app telling what their child has done. The communication is so much improved using this app that teachers don’t have spend evenings calling parents up to talk to them about their students, or schedule parent-teacher meetings every semester.


The app is available at various app stores and while administrators can signup and advocate using it for their schools, teachers can download it without having to go through their administrators. So far over 80,000 schools in the US are using it, and many more are soon to follow. ClassDojo has spread by word of mouth and not paid any marketing costs, nor have they made any profits off of app use. They greatly respect user privacy, and as part of their commitment to a safe experience will never sell user data.

A Brilliant Entrepreneur- Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a passionate and successful entrepreneur, investor, businessman and motivational speaker. He is one of the founders of Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF), a company that targets young budding entrepreneurs in the digital sector.

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His Background and Achievements


Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, in Switzerland region. While still a teenager, he came across a topic on finance and economics that captured his attention, awakening his interest in the business world; he was eager to learn more! Little did he know, that marked the beginning of his career


Later in life, he went on to acquire an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


He was lucky enough to be employed in the Swiss private banking where he gathered an over 20 years’ experience. Due to his ambitious nature, he quickly rose up the ranks from a young apprentice at UBS to one of the executive board members of a Swiss private bank.


During his late 30s, Mike Baur became passionate and interested in mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Hence, at 39 years of age, he partnered with Max Masters and founded the Swiss Startup Factory a top ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland.


Earlier this year, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest a lead financing platform for Swiss startups


To date he is responsible for leading SSUF’s fundraising and financing rounds, offering motivational talks and support to upcoming young companies.


About Swiss Startup Factory


It was founded and launched in the year 2014. SSUF is an independent and privately financed company based in Zurich. Its main purpose is providing a firm foundation for young entrepreneurs with a focus on digital technologies by offering them a platform for coaching, mentoring, working space, and financial support. To achieve this, it periodically runs a three-month-long accelerator program for startups. Young companies that go through this program are assured of gaining access to a large network of potential partners, investors, and customers.


The company has obtained a strong network in and out of Switzerland by joining forces with other like-minded individuals, organizations and startup companies. Recently it formed a partnership with Fusion (a Geneva-based Fintech accelerator). The union aims to provide better opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs by collaborating on the pre-selection process, joint events, mentor network exchange, cooperation with universities and shared office space.

Raj Fernando, Long Term Relationships, and Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando has been a top contender when it comes to the trading world. He stands out against many of the players and continues to thrive in ways most people dream about. Starting Chopper trading in 2002, Raj Fernando decided to change his approach when it came to building a team.

The practice behind such a business must demonstrate the ability to create an effective trading team that is able to not only work among st each other in a positive way, but bring in revenue with strong trades and knowledgeable people.

Understanding these important factors have allowed Raj Fernando to build a successful business that continues to grow upwards. He understands the importance of having the right people around him.

It is unclear just how lengthy Chopper interviews are, but the amount of time it takes to make your way into the company is incomparable to any other interview process. Is it worth it? Many say that it’s more than worth it. Raj Fernando has been known to treat his employees to high end perks that other companies would drool over.

One of the things he believes is that having a strong team of people will assist with the growth of his company. That means hiring people who would make the atmosphere enjoyable, and laid back.

Chopper Trading is extremely different than any other trading room you will ever walk in. It’s laid back environment creates a space where employees can bond with one another,in turn helping to establish long lasting relationships.

Raj Fernando is all about creating a “Family”. One that will last the life of the company. This is one of the reasons why Raj Fernando takes the hiring process so seriously.

The lengthy process helps Fernando to weed out the undesirable, and focus on the interviewees with potential. Long term potential is most important when it comes to choosing the right employees for Chopper.

Fernando believes that it’s not about the amount of money the employee will bring in, it’s about that employee being able to fit within the company in a positive way.

The Life of Eric Pulier as a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier has demonstrated his diverse talents by accomplishing a lot in various disciplines including authoring, entrepreneurship, public speaking, venture capitalism, and philanthropy. The Los Angeles-based business guru developed a passion for technology at a tender age. He learned to program computers, and by fourth grade, Pulier had an operational computer database firm. After completing his high school course, he earned a position at the prestigious Harvard University where he specialized in American Literature and English. Pulier was an all-around student who managed to excel in academics and to work on part time basis.

Career breakthrough and venture capitalism

Upon completing his university education, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles and unveiled People Doing Things, an innovative firm that utilized technology to come up with long-lasting solutions to issues that affect education and healthcare industries. In 1994, he launched yet another technology giant known as Digital Evolution, which merged with U.S. Interactive LLC after four years.

A group of ventures funded, established, and co-founded by Pulier are Digital Evolution, Akana Desktone, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, as well as Media Platform. He has also committed millions of dollars to charitable organizations and venture capital funds such as Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and a new technology startup yet to be officially unveiled. He invests in various seed level startups in technology and media sectors, most of which have turned out to be successful financings.

Philanthropic endeavors

Pulier has always used technology in the development of solutions to thorny challenges that people face. He is the brains behind Starbright World, a renowned social network for kids with chronic diseases. Through the Starbright World, children can meet, talk, and share their experience with other children who have similar experiences. He offers philanthropic support and funding to ACW Foundation, an organization that focuses on redefining how software is developed and applied to resolve the grand challenges of the humanity. Through the Campaign for Free College Tuition, Eric Pulier works toward a future whereby Americans can attain higher education free of charge.

How Norka Luque Overcame Challenges to Become a Musician

Who Is Norka Luque?

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan music artist and performer who is based in Miami. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and briefly studied abroad in France. Eventually she settled in Miami, hoping to make a breakthrough in music as a singer and performer. After many years of hard work, Norka finally managed to break through and released a hit single called “as you do it” in 2011. Later on she would release a second hit single called “miracle” in 2012. Other songs have since followed including another hit single called “tommorowland.”

Norka Luque’s Early Years

Norka Luque has been exposed to music throughout her entire life. As a baby, her parents say that she would listen to music to fall asleep. As a child in school. Norka Luque would study playing the piano, singing with a coach and learn dance in the form of ballet and Spanish flamenco. As a junior Norka competed in several music performance and vocal contests. She won several of them and received the attention of several famous artists at the time in Venezuela.

After completing school in Venezuela, Norka Luque went to France to study at the university level. Her chosen major was business administration. She also took courses in fashion and the culinary arts. While studying in France, Norka Luque also managed to join a band and sing. She loved it and wanted to do music as a career. Still, she was unable to breakthrough during her time in Europe or Venezuela.

Norka Luque Makes A Breakthrough

Being finished with college, Norka Luque headed to the land of opportunity, America. She settled in the city of Miami in Florida.

Norka made her breakthrough when she impressed the director Emilio Estefan Jr. He is a world famous Latin music director. He gave Norka a chance to record and work at his studio. After several years of working and collaborating with other Venezuelan artists, songwriters and musicians Norka finally released her first debut single. It was called “as you do it”, and it earned Norka a nomination for best new artist.

Norka has said that she is very happy to be able to sing and perform as a career. She believes that her music inspires and brings out the best in people.

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The Man Singlehandedly Funding Hillary

George Soros, a Hungarian-born billionaire who resides in New York, has been known as one of the most generous supporters of the Democratic party in years past. However, he has cut back on his large monetary donations. That is, until this year. In lieu of the heightened political environment, Soros has made his most generous contribution yet, at over $25 million dollars of donation in support of Hillary Clinton and her fellow democratic constituents.

What’s more, that might not be it for Soros. According to his associates, Soros may well be willing to donate more as the election comes to a close. According to Politico’s recent article, “George Soros Rises Again,” George Soros generosity gives Clinton a much better chance of beating Trump. Soros, who has always been a staunch supporter of democratic causes, such as immigration reform and religious freedom.

For Soros, many of these politic causes are personal. After being born in a Nazi-occupied Budapest, Hungary, he struggled until immigrating to England. After acquiring a brief education in economics, he moved to his now home, the United States. Like many immigrants, Soros worked hard and eventually accumulated a heaping personal wealth on

Since the 1970s, Soros has continued to serve as a philanthropic presence on Bloomberg for the many humanitarian causes he supports. Soros is also an avid academic and continues to write and publish many works on the deeper issues that afflict politics, economics, and society as a whole.

George Soros drew similar attention when he made sizable donations in opposition to Bush. During that period, Soros was outspoken about his resentment toward the Bush campaign. Soros politic donations died down during Obama’s time in office. It is believed this is because Soros was disappointed with Obama’s lack of aggression on social issues that Soros held dear. However, this time about, Soros has gone out of the way to strengthen Trump’s opposition.

According to Forbes magazine, Soros is an avid supporter of refugee and immigrant voters.  For example, he previously gave over three million dollars to a political committee geared toward increasing the rights of Hispanic voters. Unlike Trump, Soros appears to be using his fortune to personally support the rights of an often afflicted voter.

There is no doubt that the current election on Twitter is one of the most dramatic and extreme rivalries in the history of the presidential race. The extreme generosity of community members such as Soros demonstrates a heightened call to action. Till voting day in November, individual donors such as George Soros will be seen as the lifeblood of the campaign.

Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Information Technology Sector Have Been Monumental

The people that realized computers could change the course of humanity back in the 1960s and 1970s have been instrumental in making computers household necessities today. Eric Pulier is one of those people. Pulier had an innate ability to understand computer knowledge when he was just a high school kid. When he was accepted to Harvard in 1984, he decided to study English and American Literature, but computer technology was his main passion. Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988. Eric was accepted to MIT, and that was a defining moment in his life. He moved to California in 1991, and he surrounded himself with people that loved computers just as much as he did. His first company, People Doing Things, was his attempt to introduce people to technology that could change the way they addressed issues like education, health and social as well as economic dilemmas.

In 1998, Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC, and that move dramatically expanded the company’s client base and profits. No matter what Pulier touched, it became a success in the technology world, so he founded a social network called Starbright World. Starbright World was designed to help seriously ill kids interact with each other through blogs and chats.

In 1997, Pulier helped create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C., and Eric also helped Al Gore develop his health care forum as well as Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. While Eric was busy doing those things, as well as running his companies, he co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA, an architectural book.

Mr. Pulier’s involvement in nonprofit organizations has changed the lives of children. He got involved with the camp for kids with serious illnesses called the Painted Turtle, and he also decided to help another nonprofit called the X-Prize Foundation that focuses on some of the world’s greatest challenges. Those organizations gave Pulier the chance to give back and pay forward some of the financial and personal rewards he has achieved over the years. Pulier continues to contribute to the information technology industry and in charitable causes.