George Soros: The Open Source Foundations

George Soros is a billionaire and philanthropist. He is one of the world’s leading charitable people. He is also more than $25 billion worth. For over two decades, he has worked to support individuals and organizations o realize their dreams. He has also led in the war to fight for freedom for the people. For this reason, George Soros developed the Open Source foundations Company to promote accountability, transparency, and truth monopoly in the governments. The Open Source Foundations have become a cornerstone in the issuance of equality and justice in the nation. George Soros is the man behind the funding of the organizations.

George Soros has focused his givings to those who are facing discrimination in the world. In the recent past, we have seen him support groups representing the Roma people in Europe. When he was born in Hungary, George Soros was a victim of the Nazi of occupation. For this reason, he fled and went to London where he worked at a local hotel. In the country, he went on and studied business administration and finance. He went to attend Certification College in the City and graduated with the highest honors on Forbes. For this reason, he secured a certification to go to the United States. He boarded a ship and set off in 1957.

When he arrived in the country, he commenced his work at a local New York Investment Banking Company on For over five years, he worked to determine the fate of the company. His success led him to become the manager of the company. For this reason, business went on as usual. When he was of age, he went on and founded the Soros Hedge Fund Company. This was the company that lifted him off from poverty. With the company, he went on and survived the risky financial betting where he gained his first $1 billion. For this reason, the business grew better and bigger in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

According to George Soros, business is what you make it become. Therefore, you must always strive to get ahead of the rest and take a closer look at what you want to achieve on Snopes. If your heart tells you to stop it, you must listen to your heart. For this reason, success will always follow you every step of your life. When George Soros was in the country, he worked to attain better business in a manner that cannot be matched in the industry.

George Soros is now one of the most successful investors in the United States. In the risky financial market, he is considered as an entity that will lie long over his age. His fortune has been amassed from the risky betting in the financial world.

How Giving Women What They Wanted Helped EOS Create a $250 Million Lip Balm Empire

Ten years ago, if you wanted to purchase a lip balm your options were limited to clinical tubes from Chapstick or Blistex. It was a situation that hadn’t changed much in a century. Then Sanjiv Mehra, a former executive for PepsiCo and Unilever, teamed with startup gurus Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky to reinvigorate the market. The result, EOS — an acronym for Evolution of Smooth — became a $250 million global phenomenon.

From the outset, Mehra had a clear vision of what he wanted from his product. Consumer research showed that while lip balm was marketed as a unisex medical product, it was most commonly used by women. Despite the enduring popularity of the lip balms on the market, consumers weren’t without complaint. The small cylindrical tubes were too easily lost in purses or pockets. The latest innovation, lip balm sold in small pots and applied by finger, were popular but struck some as unsanitary. Mostly, however, consumer research showed that buying and using lip balm was a chore. Mehra wanted to make it fun.

EOS lip balm ( was designed from the ground up with the consumer very much in mind. The innovative spherical shape allowed the product to stand out in a purse and ensure it wasn’t lost, as well as facilitated hands-free application. Moreover, the vibrant colors, fruity flavors, rich smells, and even the satisfying “click” of the lid were all designed to appeal to women. That EOS were onto a winner was evident when they landed their first account — with a female Walmart buyer ( who instantly fell in love with the product. the product then made its way to the shelves of top stores Well, Target, eBay and Amazon.

From inauspicious beginnings, EOS lip balm has grown in the last seven years into a global market force. In their first year they sold one million units. They now sell that many every week, almost all to women.


Talk Fusion Is Helping People See What They Offer

Video marketing is centered around the idea of giving people a chance to see what’s being offered. When people can actually see the product that’s available than they’re far more likely to purchase it. As such, one can easily understand why video marketing leader Talk Fusion is offering a free trial of their services. The company recently announced that they would offer a 30 day free trial of their services to anyone interested in seeing what Talk Fusion has to offer.

Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, was able to succinctly explain what prompted the move. Reina has stated that he wants to get as many people as possible to try Talk Fusion. Because when people try Talk Fusion, they inevitably want to buy it as well. This desire to present Talk Fusion to the world also goes along with another milestone for the company. Coinciding with the new 30-day free trial is a whole new website. Talk Fusion offers a lot of different options for consumers. The website has been updated to make it easier than ever for people to see just what the platform has to offer. It seems likely that this move will bring a whole host of new, satisfied, customers to Talk Fusion.

First established in 2007, they’ve certainly performed this feat quite well in the past. The company quickly leapfrogged over their competition to become leaders in the field. One of the most interesting things about the company is that CEO Bob Reina has always been quite open about his desire to make the world a better place. Communication is an important part of any positive change.

Reina is well known for stating that “with great success comes greater responsibility“. As such he and Talk Fusion itself have played a great part in helping charities around the world. This ranges all the way from helping people to helping animals in need. Furthermore, Talk Fusion is part of the Direct Selling Association and helps to ensure that the market remains ethical. Their full range of multimedia marketing tools is also used by various different sectors all over the world. From commercial ventures to non-profit groups. for more.

Eric Lefkofsky is a Leading American Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur that has a knack for generating successful business ideas. He not only creates these ideas he also brings them to life. Just about everything that Lefkofsky does results in success.


He is currently the Chairman of Groupon which is the largest publicly traded company on the internet. He is also the CEO of Tempus which is benefiting from his vast experience and knowledge as a businessman and company manager. See for other details.


Lefkofsky just knows how to pick winning business ideas. He teams up with various people who are involved with business and together they work to create some really outstanding enterprises.


Eric Lefkofsky is dedicated with helping his fellow entrepreneurs to succeed. He started an organization called LifeBank which funds new business ideas for highly profitable startups. Lefkofsky is one of America’s leading entrepreneurs.


Keep in mind that Lefkofsky sold carpet as a young adult and then he started an apparel company. So, he had a business person’s sense from the time of his youth. Throughout the years he had an internet company called Starbelly and he also had a company named Innerworkings which serviced various companies with their printing needs.


He cofounded Echo Global Logistics in 2005. This was a freight company and in 2006 he made MediaBank. Do you get the picture? Lefkofsky is a man who has a good knack for making multiple businesses.

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In 2010 his biggest and best company to date came to life. This was Groupon. In 2016 he moved on to start up Tempus which is now being built up under his leadership. Lefkofsky has been involved with many other companies besides the ones mentioned here. Most of these organizations have gone on to become very successful ventures.


Eric Lefkofsky is now focusing his efforts on Tempus and in the future, he will probably be involved with other endeavors along the way. Truly, he is one of the greatest American entrepreneurs in the history of this country.


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Why Does WEN by Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Outperform The Competition

The Haircare industry is one of the most profitable and popular industries in the world today and it has been for sometime now. There are literally thousands of products from hundreds of brands. This can leave consumers fairly frustrated especially when you’re trying to find a product that fits your lifestyle the best.

Cleansing Conditioners are like the cream of the crop for many people. These products gives the user deep cleansing action, which leaves the hair thoroughly cleaned. Did you know that many of your favorite cleansing conditioners are full of chemical additives? That’s right! The products your using today by Chaz Dean have formulas that consist of parabens and sulfates. Parabens and sulfates are not natural and comes from a synthetic base. The lather that forms when you shampoo is from the result of parabens and sulfates as these two chemicals create this chemical reaction.

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If you’re looking for a cleansing conditioner that gives you total haircare health, there is one brand that stands out from the rest. WEN by Chaz is the name and giving individuals better haircare health is the game. These cleansing conditioners are advanced in their actions and they can take the place of shampoo, deep cleansers, and detangler products. WEN by Chaz is the ultimate because they give you more moisture, added shine, and strength. You won’t find that with most other brands.

What to choose? WEN has a huge selection to choose from as these products have their very own identity such as the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner, Lavender Cleansing Conditioner, Bamboo Green Tea Restorative Cleanser, Pomegranate Cleansing Conditioner, and many more. This only scratches the surface of what these advanced products can do for you, so if you want the very best in a cleansing conditioner, WEN by Chaz is the best route to take.

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Damage From the Elements

Our hair is constantly being exposed to the elements. Wind, sun exposure, and cold can wreak havoc on our hair and how it looks. Hair can dry out quickly and be hard to manage. There are many products on the market that can help to combat these issues.

Deep conditioning treatments can help to moisturize the hair and make it shine again. Leave-in conditioners can help to defend against anything the hair may come into contact with that day. Getting regular trims can also keep their hair healthy and stop any breakage from becoming worse.

While there are many products on the market to use, it can become old to keep having to use these products again and again. For those who want to simplify their product usage and improve their hair at the same time, there is a solution.

Wen by Chaz is an all-natural cleansing conditioner that was developed by Chaz Dean, Chaz is a celebrity stylist who has a long list of A-list clients who also use his products. The unique factor about WEN by Chaz is that there is only one product to use.

Gone are the days of using a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and any other products. All of these have been combined into one bottle. The ingredients used in this Amazon best selling cleaning conditioner will work with your hair and will not strip it of its natural oils. Your hair will look better each time you use the product.

Our hair takes a beating every day but with the help of Wen by Chaz hair will be improved and brought back to its natural shine. Wen by Chaz is simple to use and is made for all hair types.

For more product information, visit the official Wen website. More hair care tips available on the Wen Facebook page.

Securus Technologies Named as a Finalist in the Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is among the leading providers of communication and technology solutions to the correctional centers in the United States. Securus has been in the market for several years, and it has changed the lives of many incarcerated individuals in the country. Securus Technologies has introduced several applications to help the communication between the inmates and their families.


Just recently, Securus Technologies was named as a finalist in the 11th annual Stevie® Awards. The company was nominated for the Customer Service Training Team of the Year. The management team in the country is very excited about the nomination, and they are looking forward to being named winners. Being recognized as a finalist in the awards means that Securus Technologies will be given a Gold, Bronze or Silver in the Stevie® Awards. This will be a significant accomplishment for the organization.


The prestigious awards are always presented by the renowned Stevie Awards. Steve Awards are known for organizing seven of the most influential business award shows in the world. Some of these include the respected Stevie Award for Great Employers and the International Business Awards.


Reports from Stevie Awards indicate that the winners of the program will be announced at the banquet gala that will be held on twenty forth February this year. The event will take place at the Caesars Palace that is located in Las Vegas. The finalists in the awards are from the USA and other nations, and they are all expected to attend the event.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Today, the institution serves more than three thousand five hundred law enforcement, public safety, and correctional centers. A recent study reveals that the company has more than one million clients in different prisons. Last year, Securus Technologies introduced the video visitation service that helped the inmates to communicate with their loved ones during the festive season.