How Traditional Lip Balm Evolved Right Under Your Nose

For decades, ChapStick ruled the market when it came to lip balm. Those tiny pocket-sized sticks were a common household staple used by adults and children alike. While the brand was ideal for protecting lips against harsh elements like wind and cold temperatures, it was truly lacking in personality and style. Beyond the original blend, customers had only a few flavor options such as mint or cherry.

In 2009, a new startup competitor called Evolution of Smooth entered the lip balm scene. Their unique, sphere-shaped containers were available in a variety of vibrant colors and flavors. Unlike ChapStick, this novice lip balm company offered lip balm flavors that featured exotic names like pomegranate raspberry and blackberry nectar. The products, which were sold in traditional Walmart department and drug stores, became an instant hit among millennials.

At first, EOS started to gain national attention among the top beauty and fashion magazines. Shortly thereafter, several celebrities began endorsing the brand. From popular Hollywood actresses to well-known musical entertainers, the elite crowd couldn’t get enough of this new beauty addiction.

The creators of EOS lip balm attribute their success to designing a product that catered specifically to younger women. Before their new items were introduced, prior brands tended to market to a general audience that included not only females but men and children too. By effectively recognizing their target audience and using social media tactics to reach customers, EOS was able to grow their business and increase sales very quickly.

Today, EOS is one of the top lip balm brands in the country, Only Burt’s Bees natural lip products bring in more revenue than Evolution of Smooth. Traditional companies like Blistex and ChapStick have even changed their design and increased their product line in order to win new customers. If recent trends continue for EOS, it looks like the company has a bright future in the health and beauty industry.


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