Capture Your Weding Using George Street Photo and Video New York City

George Street Photo & Video is one of the most popular photography companies for weddings the New York City area. Thousands of couples in the area had chosen them to create magic for their special day.

The photos and videos are taken in a documentary style of footage, creating a special effect on your marriages as if it were a Hollywood film. The Knot has rated them as one of best wedding companies of all time. Reviews of the company are overwhelmingly positive. They have 1,600 reviews giving them an average of four stars out of five. Know more about George Street Photo and Video Address.

In order to get an idea of your preferred style of photography, you may take their detailed style quiz. They only require your email to get started with the process.

The company is available to provide quotes through their website, making the search much easier. They will assess the needs of your wedding to determine the type of package necessary.

Equities First Holding Has No Catch

A global lender and a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions, Equities First Holdings LLC., is seeing a increase in margin loans and stocked based loans. Many banks have change their lending options for borrowers. Therefore, credit based loans and equities lending is gaining more borrowers.

Founder and CEO of Equities First Holding (EFH,) Al Christy, Jr., sees collateralized loans by stocks as an alternative. Some consider margin loans and stock based loans to be synonymous. A margin loan the borrowed must be pre-qualified. A conventional bank loans requires the money to be used for specific purpose. Click Here for more information .

However, the lending firm may liquidate the borrowers collateral without letting them first. A stock based loan borrowers can expect a fixed interest rate between three a d four percent, no restrictions on the loan. Also the money can be used for any purchase.

Equities First Holdings, LLC, since 2002, has provided clients with alternative financing solutions. Also EFH provides Capital against shares traded on public exchanges. EFH is a global company with offices in nine countries, the company has completed more than 650 transactions worth $1.4 billion to date.

EFH provides securities based lending services. It provides loan based on It’s evaluation of the risk associated with stocks and bonds over fourteen years of expertise experience. Mr. Al Christy Jr., was a loan originator at Fidelity Investments, who attended Indiana University. An employee at EFH get bonuses’ every time a loan is repayed for doing a great job. Also a boost for them to stay happy and positive. for more .

EOS Balm: A Beautiful Solution For Your Dry Lips Problem

Lips are the most sensitive and the most noticeable human organ. When people saw each other, they first look at the face and lips would be the first thing they look. The wind, sun, heat and cold weather can all cause lips to become burnt or chapped. People usually have a habit of licking their lips, or due to flu or nostrils problem they prefer to breathe through the mouth and due to the illness, lips are the most sensitive organ that gets affected.

These problems make lips become dry and eventually this could lead to chapped lips. And if you don’t take it serious than the condition gets worsened and lips can peel, crack or even starts to bleed and this peeling may cause an infection.

And that’s where the need of EOS lip balm come in. Due to the utmost ingredients that used in the preparation of those lip balms, there is no other suitable option for your lips. And these days as you are already aware that people are crazy for the profit and earning and for that, they are using a product that contains harmful chemical and people should not use it, but their craze for money is making them blind.

EOS lip balm company, on the other hand, contains all the permitted ingredients and most of them are natural extracted which makes it an ideal choice for every kind of lips. So, if you are feeling a need of EOS lips balm, you should choose this as a partner for your lips this summer. An EOS lip balm is available in different color and flavor, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite color or taste. You can choose whatsoever color you like or choose.

This modern style balm comes in a unique look. You can’t apply it like a traditional balm because it comes in a new round ball shaped and this is what makes it unique and catchy. These are easy to carry, and you can apply it anywhere and with ease.

Visit the EOS Facebook page for more information.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Advertising Promotes Brand Creation for Successful Marketing


Jose Borghi is prominent for having created some of the most untapped and unexplored talents in the advertising industry. His career in advertising commenced in 1988 when he worked at Standard Ogilvy. His works have extended to Talent, Leo Burnett, and FCB. In 1994, Jose Henrique Borghi worked as a stellar campaign developer at DM9DDB. He left to join Leo Burnett in 1999. In that agency, he was the chief executive officer. During his regime at Leo Burnett, he cheered most campaigns like Fiat. Most of the campaigns he initiated became market leaders for the first time in history.


Being a visionary man, Borghi quit establishing his agency, BorghiErh. This was a partnership with him being the head and core shareholder. He assumed the leadership position. In 2006, December, Borghi merged BorghiErh with a highly ranked agency called Global Network Lowe and Partners. Borghi was the chief creative officer. After restructuring in July 2012, the company changed names to Borghi Lowe. In 2015, Borghi was appointed as the chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe Group.

About Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe is an advertising agency geographically located in Brazil. Featuring multiple long arms, the company can deliver strong, sharp, and unified minds with creativity. This is unmatched talent. Their journey began with the partnership of two agencies with the same vision. Mullen Lowe, therefore, features a structure with complementary abilities. Most importantly, the management had a long history with entrepreneurial organizations. From scrap, the agency works with clients in collecting the ideas t the core. The result is a global creative boutique that shares the same objective. The aim collaborates with the world’s best revolutionary marketers. Watch Video Here .


Mullen Lowe believes that most successful brands are quickly put to use. They are also loved because of consumer’s interests. They, therefore, focus on clients by initiating valuable conversations concerning product creation, marketing, and advertising. for more .

The World’s Greatest CEO, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries Limited is a global company which deals with oils and gasses. The company serves millions of people in more than 25 countries globally.

Which positions have Petrello held in Nabors Industries Limited Company
Anthony Petrello is an all round CEO who does not supervise from a distance. He takes part in most of the activities of the company. He serves as the strategic plan initiator as well as the director. He does not influence through oversight but participation in the propulsion of this business to the greatest possible levels.

Is Anthony an academician?
The CEO of the year cannot be something less. Anthony has Juris Doctor from Harvard University in addition to his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (Mathematics) from Yale University. The CEO has the knowledge, and advanced skills in taxation, legal affairs as well as arbitration

What was Petrello’s salary in the year 2015?
Petrello received a remuneration $27,512,939 in 2015 fiscal year. He has been the best CEO globally earning the highest amount of money in the years earlier than 2014. In 2014, he suffered the wrath of the angry shareholders in the company, although he did not give up.

The controversial family of Anthony Petrello
Petrello has a wife, Cynthia Petrello, and wonderful daughter, Carena, who has been suffering from the mental disease, PLV. Anthony Petrello and his wife have tried their best to give their child the best medication in most of the best health facilities globally. Today they at Texas Children’s Hospital appealing to the well wishers to donate whatever they have to help her.

How does Petrello’s relate with his friends?
Lloyd Grove, Petrello’s college roommate, describes him as a person who never gives up.

Regardless of his humble background, Petrello is the best CEO the universe has ever had.

Eric Lefkofsky Leads Tempus in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer despite the amount of effort and funds selflessly given by countless individuals across the world still is one of the most devastating diseases facing out species. As each year brings us closer to a cure, progress is still too slow for those that are currently facing the affliction. Those that are diagnosed with the disease are faced with but one option, undergo a course of treatment that at best still wreaks havoc on healthy cells while devastating the patient and at worst only will stave off the inevitable loss to the plight.

Doctors tasked with tackling the disease on the front lines are in need of any tool that can better help them save as many lives as possible. It seems they may finally have found the tool they have desperately searched for and from the most unlikely of places. for more.

When the term “tech start-up” is mentioned most people envision apps or Silicon Valley but one tech start-up is not only changing what a technology company can do to help humanity but how one of the most destructive diseases of our species can be fought.

Tempus, founded by the philanthropist Lefkofsky, has partnered with doctors across the country in major cities to provide doctors with a new cutting edge tool to help gather research about the disease while it is being treated. The system given to doctors collects all of the information about individual patients in terms of what treatments work best and at what point during the timeline they are most effective. That data is then collected and looked at to create a bigger image to find patterns that might have otherwise been overlooked. This has created a system in which every successful treatment directly contributes to the success of the subsequent treatment used by the next patient.

The system is the product of the tireless efforts of Eric Lefkofsky, who’s own philanthropy extends much further than helping humanity fight cancer. If you would like to learn how Tempus is changing the lives of millions of people diagnosed with cancer please visit their website.