Eric Lefkofsky Leads Tempus in the Fight Against Cancer

Cancer despite the amount of effort and funds selflessly given by countless individuals across the world still is one of the most devastating diseases facing out species. As each year brings us closer to a cure, progress is still too slow for those that are currently facing the affliction. Those that are diagnosed with the disease are faced with but one option, undergo a course of treatment that at best still wreaks havoc on healthy cells while devastating the patient and at worst only will stave off the inevitable loss to the plight.

Doctors tasked with tackling the disease on the front lines are in need of any tool that can better help them save as many lives as possible. It seems they may finally have found the tool they have desperately searched for and from the most unlikely of places. for more.

When the term “tech start-up” is mentioned most people envision apps or Silicon Valley but one tech start-up is not only changing what a technology company can do to help humanity but how one of the most destructive diseases of our species can be fought.

Tempus, founded by the philanthropist Lefkofsky, has partnered with doctors across the country in major cities to provide doctors with a new cutting edge tool to help gather research about the disease while it is being treated. The system given to doctors collects all of the information about individual patients in terms of what treatments work best and at what point during the timeline they are most effective. That data is then collected and looked at to create a bigger image to find patterns that might have otherwise been overlooked. This has created a system in which every successful treatment directly contributes to the success of the subsequent treatment used by the next patient.

The system is the product of the tireless efforts of Eric Lefkofsky, who’s own philanthropy extends much further than helping humanity fight cancer. If you would like to learn how Tempus is changing the lives of millions of people diagnosed with cancer please visit their website.


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