A Great No-Poo Shampoo Made by Wen By Chaz Is Available For You To Take Advantage Of And Benefit From

No-poo shampoos are a great option for people to invest in, as it is giving their hair a type of shine and look that is difficult to achieve from other hair conditioners. Unfortunately, many of today’s hair conditioners are containing a lot of harmful chemicals in them, many of which can cause a lot of damage to not only one’s hair, but also their scalp. Why not invest in a hair conditioner product that is going to protect the natural oils of your hair and your scalp? It is a great product that is going to do you a lot more good than harm.

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A great no-poo shampoo has been manufactured by the company Wen by Chaz. If you have never heard of that particular product, please feel free to conduct a bit of researching on it, as you may find that the reviews and other forms of feedback that have been left pertaining to it have been very positive. It is a form of health care product that is bound to leave many positive after-effects. No-poo shampoo from Wen by Chaz is a product that is bound to satisfy your needs, as you will find that it can be had at a great price and is well worth every penny due to its fantastic quality. If you are aware of the proper chemical components of hair conditioner products and what the results of applying them onto one’s hair are, then you may come to realize that it is a product that is probably going to be worth investing in.

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Technology Helping The Customers Of Securus Technologies

The technology being provided by Securus Technologies is revolutionizing the incarceration environment. Public safety is being improved this way as the facilities become safer.


Securus Technologies provides information about what their customer are saying about making use of technology to solve and even to prevent crimes. This applies to prevention of inmate-on-inmate crimes also.


I have seen the comments that come in through formal letters and even through emails. These are received from jail and prison officials from all across the United States. All these officials have the task of preventing and even solving any crimes inside prisons. They have the job to make the incarceration environment better by making it safer.


There are comments about any new products or even services that are being developed by Securus Technologies in order to aid law enforcement officials in solving and even preventing any crimes. The company is receiving thousands of letters along with emails about what these products are providing to the jail authorities. I have read comments on how these products and services keep society, along with inmates and their families, and the parolees safe.


In the case of Securus Technologies, the building of safety has always been the highest priority. The company is focused on protecting and serving their clients.


Their customers have always appreciated the assistance which they are getting in cases like this. They are making use of information that can be obtained from the data available through phone calls. This can even help in getting search warrants for corruption cases and so on. This has led to the solving of many cases.


Inside the prison, their officials are monitoring calls as these may contain information related to alcohol use, or selling of drugs and even drug usage in the facility. The other calls may refer to possible access that an inmate may have to a cellular device, and so on.


Equities First – How The Affected Financial Institutions Facilitated Increase In Alternative Lending Services

The fall out of bigger financial institutions was eradicated by the banks bailout by national governments, however, that did not stop stock markets from dropping worldwide. In different places, the housing market was affected leading to evictions, prolonged unemployment and foreclosures. The crisis led to a vital role in the failure of main businesses, decline in consumer wealth approximated to be trillions in US dollars and downturn of economic practices causing 2008 – 2012 Great Recession and leading to happening of European sovereign-debt crisis. The crisis active phase took place in August 9, 2007 after manifesting in form of liquidity crisis after BNP Paribas stopped withdraws of three hedge funds hence creating full “evaporation of” liquidity. As a result of many investors seeking capital in vain, there has been an increase of borrowers acquiring for loans from alternative money lenders. And getting such services from a recognized and firm with good reputation would eliminate you from falling into another crisis or risks. Equities First is a global firm that is spearheading in offering optional lending services. The company started its functions in 2002 and to date; it has successfully managed to transfer billions of cash without issues. Al Christy is the firms CEO & Founder who also confirmed the increase of borrowers acquiring stock loans due to numerous benefits such as low interest rates. Read More News Here .

Economic recession led to rapture of the US housing bubble with its peak point at the ending of 2006. The effects tumbled values of the securities attached to US real estate cost, hence damaging the financial institutions worldwide. The monetary crisis was facilitated by a compound interplay of policies that motivated home ownership, offering easier access of loan to subprime borrowers, over estimating the value of tied subprime mortgages anticipating that housing costs would go on to escalate, doubtful trading exercises on behalf of sellers & buyers, compensation programs that prioritized short-term deals over long-term value establishment and lack of enough capital holdings from insurance companies and banks to support the monetary commitments made. Conventional lenders have tightened their lending regulations leaving alternative lending as the leading, modern and innovative way of acquiring simple and affordable loans. Equities at LinkedIn .

https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm for more .

Todd Lubar’s Career in Finance and Property Estate

Todd Lubar gained an interest in the real estate commerce at a young age, but it wasn’t until he left his first job that he began his engagements in the niche. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in speech communication from the Syracuse University in 1995, he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation to work as a loan originator. His position gave him access to extensive information on the operations of mortgage banking. After four years, Todd left to work for Legacy Financial Group in Arlington as an equity partner processing clients’ mortgages. Todd’s roles included brokering loans for investors and mortgage agents as a direct mortgage bank. He was responsible for the company’s growth in its Maryland office, which produced multiples of $100 million at an annual rate.

In an article on Hackronym, Todd Lubar took the independent route in 2002 when he set up Legendary Properties LLC, a residential development firm. The company specializes in the purchase, rehabilitation and resale of a wide variety of properties, including single family homes and multi-unit family structures. The business’s operations gave Todd a platform to network more in the real estate industry and build formidable relationships with important players in the property trade such as contractors, real estate agents, financial planners, CPAs, credit loaning banks and insurance agents. This new found acquaintances and friends helped Todd accelerate Legendary’s transaction by completing quality projects in a timely fashion. Todd managed to grow the firm’s annual income to $100 million in a short period.

In 2003, Todd launched Charter Funding, an affiliate of First Magnus Financial Incorporation to process more transactions in mortgage banking. After 12 years of operating in the property business, Todd realized that there were a lot of people who needed money to purchase homes or an office space. He created Legendary Financial LLC as a branch of Legendary Properties. The firm offered loans to clients who would not otherwise qualify using the traditional bank loaning system. He uses his experience in credit transactions to assess a borrower’s potential of returning the cash before handing out the money. Todd has processed more than 7000 real estate transactions and loans since the start of his career.

When the real estate industry began experiencing unpredictable shifts in 2007, Todd ventured into other industries as an entrepreneur. He set up a demolition firm and an automatic scrap metal recycling enterprise which operated for some years before closing. Todd is the present CEO of TDL Ventures and is a passionate family man who enjoys spending time with his family of three at their home in Bethesda, Maryland.

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An In-depth Look at David Giertz: His Career and Personal Life

With over three decades in the financial services sector, David Giertz qualifies to be a veteran in the industry. The MBA graduate from the University of Miami is also a WABC Certified Business Coach. He has worked at Citigroup as financial services advisor at one time and later as a senior vice president of sales. Most recently, he was with Nationwide Financial serving as the president to its Sales and Distribution Organization on LinkedIn. In an interview with Ideamensch earlier this month, he said that he always lived by his mother’s word to him that he should always work hard and strive to learn every time.

David’s Best Idea

David Giertz implemented the idea of introducing two annual meetings between top performers at Nationwide Financial and senior executives. In his assessment, he perceives that idea as the best idea he ever had in his entire career. David came up with the idea to address the mass staff resignation from the company, which he attributed to a big disconnect between the company’s top leadership and the employees. According to soundcloud.com, after implementing the idea, the employees’ exodus ceased, and everything returned to normalcy. Through the annual meetings, the employees were accorded the platform of interacting and sharing their grievances with their bosses.

His Early Life

In his interview with Ideamensch, David revealed that as much as he is successful today, his beginning was modest. He was forced to do some odd jobs such as cleaning a grocery store to sustain himself through college. He, however, doesn’t regret his past for it taught him a lot that has made him the man he is today. David Giertz met individuals from all walks of life who mentored him in a big way- people he wishes he had met even earlier.

Other Roles

Besides his job at Nationwide Financial, David has involved himself with community organizations, such as Girl Scouts of Broward County, FINRA, and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce at https://twitter.com/davidgiertz.