Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Advocate for Civil, Human, and Migrant Rights across Arizona
Local groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights have been holding organized vigil that honor migrants who have died and others who have gone missing while crossing the U.S- Mexico border.

Coalicion de Derechos Humanos, one of the groups that have been actively organizing vigils in honor of the dead and missing migrants held its 890th anniversary and formally organized vigil. The group has said that it will not hold any other organized vigil due to commitment complications.

For the last 17 years, Derechos Humanos has held weekly gatherings at El Tirado, which is regarded as a shrine for migrants. The local organization serves as a top critic of the brutal and inhumane policies of the U.S government towards immigration.

Derechos Humanos advocates for the Human and Civil rights of the migrants regardless of their immigration status. The vigil involves prayers, songs, and lighting of candles. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Most participants have remained faithful to the course and have been participating in the vigils for several years. Belinda Rhodeos, a Tuscon resident, is one of the active participants who have to take part in the vigil for years hoping that the issue of migrants will change for the better. Belinda notes that migrants are a crucial part of the society.

They are part of the community; therefore, people should strive to protect their rights. Robert Carney, a priest of the Diocese of Tuscon on his part, pointed out that this may be the last formally organized vigil, but according to him, it is never going to be the last vigil. Derechos Humanos has so far painted more than 3,000 crosses, which symbolize bodies and remains uncovered along the Arizona-Sonora border since the year 2000.

About Lacey and Larkin Foundation

These local groups have continued to receive backing from different sections of the society with several well-wishers donating their resources to aid these organizations in their quest to fight for migrants civil and human rights.

One such organization that has offered a generous contribution to local organizations championing the rights of migrants is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media donated the settlement money arising out of their arbitrary arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to help in funding the migrant rights groups throughout Arizona.

The compensation, which amounts to $3.75 million, was as a result of their arrest on October 18th, 2007 by the County Sheriff. Michael & Jim Larkin were hauled from their homes at the middle of the night and put behind bars for revealing the existence or grand jury trial. The trial wanted reporter’s notes on articles covering the County Sheriff.

What was more astonishing was grand jury subpoenas demands of the identity of the citizens who read New Times stories online involving the County Sheriff. The two journalists who had spent their careers asserting and championing their First Amendment rights filed a case against the County, and the United States Court of Appeals ruled in their favor.

The duo vowed to continue supporting the organizations that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights throughout Arizona, including on La Linea fronteriza- the Mexican border.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:


The Fun Flavors From EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balm flavors are one of the most exciting traits the product offers, and that’s saying a lot, considering this lip balm is impressive from start to finish. When you opt to buy EOS lip balm, the flavors available are sure to impress, yet leave some difficulty since they’re all so amazing, browse products here on walgreens.com.

Strawberry Sorbet is one lip balm flavor available from EOS. This is one of the more popular flavors, giving the lips a taste of strawberries and whipped cream on a beautiful summer’s day. People love the taste of freshly-picked strawberries, and this is just what you get in this lip balm.

Sweet Mint is a secondary flavor option when you purchase EOS lip balms. It is not as popular as the Strawberry Sorbet, but nonetheless impressive if you fancy the taste of minty refreshment. Your lips

If you seek an eclectic, alternative lip balm flavor, choose the Raspberry Pomegranate orb. You won’t find this flavor offered from other lip balm brands, but that’s okay because just one swipe across your lips, and you’ll never want to replace your EOS with any other brand. This refreshing flavor is sweet, yet deep and sensual, giving the lips a little excitement for the day.

These are a few of the fun EOS lip balm flavors you’re sure to enjoy using to keep your lips feeling their best, shop here at amazon.ca. Try each of the seven EOS lip balm flavors at least once. They’ll all impress your taste buds.

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Two Hidden Gem Flavors of EOS Lip Balm

Basically everyone I know either has an EOS lip balm, or has had one at one point and is meaning to make another purchase. I am a huge fan of the EOS product, as they use all natural ingredients and the highest quality of products to make sure that my lips are actually getting moisture, not just being covered up in a gloss or shine that makes them appear moisturized and then leaves me to wake up with dry and chapped lips after I wash it off. View cool stories here on blogwebpedia.com.

However, I noticed that many of my friends and co-workers all carry the same EOS lip product. Most of them have either the bright pink Summer Fruit flavor or the extra moisturizing Coconut Milk flavor that comes in a softer pink swirl.

EOS has many, many different flavors that are worth a spin, all available on their website or sites like amazon.com and often in retailers like Target or Wal-Mart (although they may have a limited supply). Here are the Top 3 “Hidden Gem” flavors of EOS lip balm.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew

This is one of my favorites for the fact that the scent and the taste are so playful in nature. Honeysuckle and Honeydew are both sweet and a bit savory and they play very well together inside the light green sphere of this EOS lip balm flavor.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor honestly reminds me of wine. Its flavor profile is extraordinarily rich and also seems to change from first taste to how it finally settles on your lips, just like a great glass of Cabernet. Both the pomegranate and the raspberry are showcased equally and the two make an amazing pair! Raspberry has a bit of a tart kick, while the pomegranate is just as smooth and fruity as ever, see here. When looking for this EOS, look for the deep burgundy sphere that actually resembles the color of a glass of wine.


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7 Most Noteworthy EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Founders and Partners, Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky wanted to shake up the cosmetics aisle and choosing chapstick seemed to be an easy choice with all the options being incredibly similar to their competition. More cool stories here on blogwebpedia.com.

Forget the plain strawberry, vanilla, or mint flavors. Combine all three into one, and you have yourself an example of a popular EOS Lip Balm flavor. With so many to choose from, how do you know where to start? Let’s break it down into categories with best sellers to help you on your EOS Lip Balm journey.


There are four types of EOS Lip Balm:

1) Organic Smooth Spheres

2) Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres

3) Shimmer Smooth Spheres

4) Organic Smooth Sticks


Each offers their own benefits and their own twists depending on the balmers wants or mood at the time. Let’s look at the differences between these spheres and sticks, then move on to favorites in each! Get more information on youtube.com.


Organic Smooth Spheres

These are the original spheres that became popular, seemingly overnight, to everyone from celebrity to neighbor. EOS describes the smooth spheres as, “…flavored lip balm is 95% organic, 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.”


The most popular flavors include:

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry

EOS Honeysuckle Honeydew

EOS Strawberry Sorbet

EOS Summer Fruit

EOS Sweet Mint

EOS Passion Fruit


Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres

These…are…awesome! There’s only three flavors to choose from, Vanilla Mint being a personal favorite, but what makes them different is the swirl-like packaging of the sphere, and what’s inside! EOS describes these spheres as, “…enriched with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E, nourishes for immediately softer, more beautiful lips.”


The 3 flavors include:

-Vanilla Mint

-Coconut Milk

-Blackberry Nectar


Shimmer Smooth Spheres

Coming in ‘sheer pink’ and ‘pearl’ the shimmer options give you just that! Everything great about the EOS Lip Balms, with a bit of shimmer and shine!


Organic Smooth Sticks

Want the more traditional shape? Grab a stick! Hailing in three popular flavors:


-Pomegranate Raspberry

-Sweet Mint


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EOS: Lip Balm Products That Bring Smiles to the Users

For a long time, lip balm products have been used as a statement of fashion. The introduction of many brands of lip balm products has brought a lot of diversity in the beauty industry. One of the major lip balm brands is the EOS lip balm products.

EOS lip balm products are comprised of different flavors, which have revolutionized the beauty industry. Some of these flavors include:


Sweet Mint Flavored

This EOS lip balm flavor has a smooth sweet and refreshing essence. It also has a moisturizing effect giving your lips the necessary moisture they require leaving them very soft.


Passion Fruit Flavored

Gives your lips that sweet natural passion flavor. It moisturizes and softens your lips making them feel so refreshed.


Strawberry Sorbet

Give your lips a pink look with a strawberry taste that rejuvenates your lips.


Blueberry Acai

This flavor has a 95% organic lip balm filled with stimulating acai and blueberry flavors. It also gives your lips a medicinal value due to its antioxidant properties.


Pomegranate Raspberry Flavored

This flavor offers a smooth feeling on your lips while delivering a balance of moisture and raspberry flavor.


Summer Fruit flavored

Summer fruit flavored lip balm treats your lips to a good taste of blueberry, strawberry and peach flavors and feeling moisturized. Watch youtube.com for more information.


About EOS

EOS specializes in the manufacture of lip balm and resonates with the millennials. The acronym EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. Sanjiv Mehra started the company with the help of Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller with the intention to cater for the lip balm users in the market based on the users’ changing tastes. More related articles here on blogwebpedia.com. The company is the fastest growing lip balm products company and has become the second best lip balm selling company in the US. The founders had a target audience of millennial women of 25-35 years of age who they felt were style conscious.

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Mike Baur’ Impact on Swiss Entrepreneurship through the Swiss Start-Up Factory

A leading entrepreneur and a start-up accelerator, Mike Baur has curved a name for in the digital industry. Mike Baur has a wealth of knowledge in finance having previously worked as a banker. This article will detail the impact Mike Baur, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Start-up Factory has had in the digital world.


Personal Life

The 42-year-old Swiss entrepreneur holds an MBA and an executive MBA from the Rochester University, New York and University of Berne respectively. Born in Fribourg, Mike began his career as banker staying true to his childhood dream. He worked as a banker for 20 years till 2014 when he quit. Teaming up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, Mike ventured into entrepreneurship with the Swiss Start-up Factory.



Mike Baur began as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He worked his way up from operations to executive board membership in the Swiss Private Banking sector. However, at the age of 39, Mike tendered his resignation and began his entrepreneurial journey as a private investor in promising digital start ups. This was guided by what he felt the lack of supportive structures to cultivate and turn these budding ideas into viable ventures.


Swiss Start-up Factory

The company targets specifically budding and talented Swiss digital start-ups. By incubating, the company offers opportunities to these companies through its wide network in Switzerland and globally, aided by CTI. Swiss Start-up Factory takes start ups through a thorough three month program. They are coached, offered office space and other services while establishing a network to guarantee the success of these start ups.



Mike doubles up as the CFO and CEO of the Swiss Start-up Factory. He handles the fundraising and financing part of the company. Under his leadership, the then young Swiss Start-up Factory sealed a lucrative deal with CTI in 2016. He was elevated to the position of Deputy Managing Director at CTI’s investment arm in January 2016. Through this, SSF was able to form the accelerator program in collaboration with Goldback Group with Fintech Solutions coming aboard in February 2016.


The program transformed SSF making it the biggest privately owned early stage ICT start-up accelerator. Presently, the CTI and Swiss Start-up Factory partnership financially support’s various start ups in Switzerland. Mike Baur also plays the role of a mentor to most of these start ups drawn from Swiss youth entrepreneurship.


Mike also formed part of the jury in a start-up pitching contest, START Summiteer, in St. Gallen in July 2016.

Don Ressler: The Man Behind The Growth Of JustFab

Don Ressler is a businessman and entrepreneur who knows how to seize an opportunity when he sees one. He is one of the biggest names in fashion, even though at first glance, he may not seem like it. He is the co-founder of JustFab, one of the largest retail clothing company’s. Don Ressler has become a household name with the brand and the numerous other companies it has under its roof. The brand has turned out to be a huge success in the industry and is currently worth millions of dollars. Even though Don Ressler says that he does not particularly have an eye for fashion, what he does have is the skill to lead a business efficiently. One of the main reasons why JustFab has done so well is owing to his brilliant managerial skills and plans that he chalks up for his company on Brandettes.com. He is an excellent businessman, and using the knowledge that he has gained through the years of working with businesses; he has been able to lead them in a productive direction.

When Don Ressler came up with the idea to launch JustFab, he wanted to open up a clothing company that would challenge some of the biggest competitors in the industry. Today, the company is one of the tops in its department and has millions of customers from all over the country. Don Ressler is brilliant when it comes to coming up with ingenious marketing techniques for the company, which is also one of the other reasons why the company has grown to be such a huge success at https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618.

Don Ressler has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, ever since he was a child. At fifteen years old, Don Ressler had started up his first company which went by the name of Intermix Media on norcal.news. The company was so brilliant for its time that it went on to be sold to Microsoft for a considerable sum of money. When he sold his project, he went on to work for Microsoft to help the project grow further. He had to move halfway across the country to do this, which is also when he dropped out of school to pursue this. For someone of his age, he had already accomplished so much, which was astonishing to everyone. He was the Vice President of Strategic Planning for the company for a while before he decided to go his way and start up another company of his own.

Read more: JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation