Telereal Trillium’s success journey under CEO Graham Edwards.

One of the largest property company is Telereal, based in UK. The firm is headed by Graham Edwards since 2011. Telereal company currently manages a range of investments of up to £6 billion, Telereal Trillium has experienced great success in the past years, and under Graham’s leadership, the company has achieved high milestones.

Since the establishment of Telereal company in 2001, Graham has been part of the journey and has seen the company grow. Graham’s exceptional work in Telereal started as soon as the company was founded, he guided the company in a 30-year plan and incorporated key players in the property industry. Among them included; BT Plc, this partnership with BT helped Telereal acquire almost 67000 properties with an entire flooring area of approximately 59.2 million square feet.

Another significant success of Telereal company under Graham’s leadership and guidance was in 2009 when he spearheaded talks that would help them acquire, Trillium. The company Telereal is now known as Telereal Trillium and is one of the most successful businesses in the industry with yearly returns rising to £1 billion (

An up-close with Graham Edwards reveals where the idea to merge with Trillium came from, Edwards experience in the business is outstanding and played a massive part in shaping his career. Before working on Telereal, Graham had worked in other organizations in different capacities, and after carefully analyzing and observing the trends, Graham wanted to deliver the best to the clients, and this assisted birth the merge between Telereal and Trillium.

Due to the company’s exceptional work, Telereal Trillium has been recognized as the best company and has attracted many clients from different sectors. The company had also received several awards; in 2006, the company was awarded the Investors in people prize. After three years the company was recognized in the Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award. The latest recognition was in 2016 when the company was picked out as Tomorrow’s People Awards ‘Corporate Supporter of the Year’, in the same year the firm was also honored on the Sunday times as top on the list of 100 most prominent firms.

Telereal Trillium is a successful company and in coming years has the potential to emerge as one of the best in the property sector globally.


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