Jose Borghi of Mullen Advertising Promotes Brand Creation for Successful Marketing


Jose Borghi is prominent for having created some of the most untapped and unexplored talents in the advertising industry. His career in advertising commenced in 1988 when he worked at Standard Ogilvy. His works have extended to Talent, Leo Burnett, and FCB. In 1994, Jose Henrique Borghi worked as a stellar campaign developer at DM9DDB. He left to join Leo Burnett in 1999. In that agency, he was the chief executive officer. During his regime at Leo Burnett, he cheered most campaigns like Fiat. Most of the campaigns he initiated became market leaders for the first time in history.


Being a visionary man, Borghi quit establishing his agency, BorghiErh. This was a partnership with him being the head and core shareholder. He assumed the leadership position. In 2006, December, Borghi merged BorghiErh with a highly ranked agency called Global Network Lowe and Partners. Borghi was the chief creative officer. After restructuring in July 2012, the company changed names to Borghi Lowe. In 2015, Borghi was appointed as the chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe Group.

About Mullen Lowe

Mullen Lowe is an advertising agency geographically located in Brazil. Featuring multiple long arms, the company can deliver strong, sharp, and unified minds with creativity. This is unmatched talent. Their journey began with the partnership of two agencies with the same vision. Mullen Lowe, therefore, features a structure with complementary abilities. Most importantly, the management had a long history with entrepreneurial organizations. From scrap, the agency works with clients in collecting the ideas t the core. The result is a global creative boutique that shares the same objective. The aim collaborates with the world’s best revolutionary marketers. Watch Video Here .


Mullen Lowe believes that most successful brands are quickly put to use. They are also loved because of consumer’s interests. They, therefore, focus on clients by initiating valuable conversations concerning product creation, marketing, and advertising. for more .

Jose Borghi Has A Wealth Of Creativity.

Jose Borghi had a very difficult time as a child, growing up in his native homeland of Brazil. While he was still going through his studies at Middle School, he would find it to be very distracting to come to a conclusion for what his future career path should be. With no apparent answer in sight, his sister approached Jose one day after class. She asked Jose if he would like to go out on the town and watch some special video presentations with her at the local theater. These videos were not the same as movies or tv shows; these videos were commercial advertisements centered on Brazilian promotions.

At first the idea of going to a movie theater to watch television commercials seems strange. However, these broadcast commercials were famous all over Brazil, and had won high prestigious awards for their creativity and their humorous production values. Every one of the advertisement commercials that were being shown that night in the theater had won a renowned golden lion statue award as a trophy from the famous Cannes Film Festival. Jose decided to own one for himself, and when he grew up, he would work at an ad agency as well.

Jose today is a highly recognized industry leader for broadcast commercial publications all over Brazil. He is the founding creator of the firm Mullen Lowe, which is among Brazil’s most influential advertising agencies. Mullen Lowe Brazil is most famous for a very popular commercial that was conceived by Jose Borghi; the “Mammals Parmalat.” This Brazilian advertisement is highly amusing and beautifully orchestrated. It depicts several children dancing with a great amount of joy while wearing outfits that cause them to appear to be stuffed animals. As the children dance, they sing a collective jingle of popular Brazilian songs.. for more.