ClassDojo May Monetiz Its System, But Will Wait To Do So

ClassDojo is making classrooms a place where students will want to go to learn, and is making communication easier for teachers. What it’s done is built a bridge between parents and teachers where parents can see pictures during the day of what their children are doing, and notify the teacher that they are pleased with the activity. Now, ClassDojo is looking to get some pay features included in its program. Signing up for the app will always remain free, but there will soon be content available that’s meant to build on the current learning features. ClassDojo’s founders are in no rush to bring in the premium content, but instead want to keep growing and researching their customer base.


ClassDojo was started in 2011 when founders Sam Chaudharry and Liam Don came to the US from the UK. They had taken note of how classrooms seemed to be lacking a motivating tool for promoting positive behavior, and as they saw how much of a phenomenon Facebook was becoming, they decided to make a platform similar to that to help schools.
Originally, Class Dojo was primarily a point-system award that teachers could give students, but now they’ve built it into a fully integrated platform that is meant to bring together schools and families into the process. Students activities are recorded on a profile and students or teachers can take photos and turn them into a story on the day, or teachers can send texts to parents who also have the app telling what their child has done. The communication is so much improved using this app that teachers don’t have spend evenings calling parents up to talk to them about their students, or schedule parent-teacher meetings every semester.


The app is available at various app stores and while administrators can signup and advocate using it for their schools, teachers can download it without having to go through their administrators. So far over 80,000 schools in the US are using it, and many more are soon to follow. ClassDojo has spread by word of mouth and not paid any marketing costs, nor have they made any profits off of app use. They greatly respect user privacy, and as part of their commitment to a safe experience will never sell user data.