George Soros Increases his donations to the Open Societies Foundation

George Soros has been recognized by the world as the man who has given more than half of his wealth to charity. He is a billionaire and has acquired most of his wealth from the hedge fund industry. Soros has offered billions of dollars to the Open Societies Foundation to support democracy and human rights. He recently gave the charity organization $18 billion to ensure that it runs its activities efficiently. The huge donation has assisted the foundation to be ranked second on the world’s list of the leading charity institutions. The most philanthropic organization on earth is the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation. George Soros’ latest donation is recognized as one of the biggest contributions to a single foundation. He has the head of the Open Societies Foundation from when it was founded in the 1980s. The organization has been advocating for human rights in over 120 nations in all the seven continents. Its primary focus in the United States is to protect gay and lesbian individuals and also protest against police brutality. Visit to know more about George.

The outstanding efforts of the Open Societies Foundation toward protecting the minorities have been appreciated across the world. The organization offered donations to support Ebola treatment centers to fight an outbreak that occurred in 2014. In 2016, Soros advocated for peace after American failed to agree over the presidential elections. He gave $10 million to various groups to prevent widespread hate in the nation. The philanthropist is also appreciated for his dedication to ensuring that counties have good leadership. He is a Democrat and was a major donor to various PACs that were on the frontline in supporting Hillary Clintons presidential bid. Soros has also been a benefactor to different politicians of the party. His support for the Democratic Party has attracted a lot of criticism from the Republicans. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The commitment of George Soros to supporting minority communities was motivated by his early life. He lived in Hungary during a time when the Jews were being oppressed by Nazi, which is the largest community in the country. Before starting his Wall Street career as a hedge fund manager, Soros attended a U.K-based college and graduated with a degree in finance. The billionaire has also ventured in currency speculation and was awarded over £1 billion by the Bank of England. His rate of selling the currency led to its devaluation. The billionaire established the first office of the Open Societies Foundation in his motherland, Hungary.

Soros’ annual donations to the Open Societies Foundation is between $800 and $900 million. He is the main benefactor of the organization, and his $18 billion contributions will enable it to transform the lives of many people. George Soros has promised to give an additional $2 billion to the foundation in future. The excellent work of the billionaire’s charity has helped in improving the lives of people across all the planet. It has been acknowledged as the foundation that has the most significant impact on all continents. Soros Fund Management is in charge of all donations that are offered by the Open Societies Foundation.


Mike Baur’ Impact on Swiss Entrepreneurship through the Swiss Start-Up Factory

A leading entrepreneur and a start-up accelerator, Mike Baur has curved a name for in the digital industry. Mike Baur has a wealth of knowledge in finance having previously worked as a banker. This article will detail the impact Mike Baur, CEO and co-founder of Swiss Start-up Factory has had in the digital world.


Personal Life

The 42-year-old Swiss entrepreneur holds an MBA and an executive MBA from the Rochester University, New York and University of Berne respectively. Born in Fribourg, Mike began his career as banker staying true to his childhood dream. He worked as a banker for 20 years till 2014 when he quit. Teaming up with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, Mike ventured into entrepreneurship with the Swiss Start-up Factory.



Mike Baur began as a commercial apprentice at UBS. He worked his way up from operations to executive board membership in the Swiss Private Banking sector. However, at the age of 39, Mike tendered his resignation and began his entrepreneurial journey as a private investor in promising digital start ups. This was guided by what he felt the lack of supportive structures to cultivate and turn these budding ideas into viable ventures.


Swiss Start-up Factory

The company targets specifically budding and talented Swiss digital start-ups. By incubating, the company offers opportunities to these companies through its wide network in Switzerland and globally, aided by CTI. Swiss Start-up Factory takes start ups through a thorough three month program. They are coached, offered office space and other services while establishing a network to guarantee the success of these start ups.



Mike doubles up as the CFO and CEO of the Swiss Start-up Factory. He handles the fundraising and financing part of the company. Under his leadership, the then young Swiss Start-up Factory sealed a lucrative deal with CTI in 2016. He was elevated to the position of Deputy Managing Director at CTI’s investment arm in January 2016. Through this, SSF was able to form the accelerator program in collaboration with Goldback Group with Fintech Solutions coming aboard in February 2016.


The program transformed SSF making it the biggest privately owned early stage ICT start-up accelerator. Presently, the CTI and Swiss Start-up Factory partnership financially support’s various start ups in Switzerland. Mike Baur also plays the role of a mentor to most of these start ups drawn from Swiss youth entrepreneurship.


Mike also formed part of the jury in a start-up pitching contest, START Summiteer, in St. Gallen in July 2016.

Don Ressler: The Man Behind The Growth Of JustFab

Don Ressler is a businessman and entrepreneur who knows how to seize an opportunity when he sees one. He is one of the biggest names in fashion, even though at first glance, he may not seem like it. He is the co-founder of JustFab, one of the largest retail clothing company’s. Don Ressler has become a household name with the brand and the numerous other companies it has under its roof. The brand has turned out to be a huge success in the industry and is currently worth millions of dollars. Even though Don Ressler says that he does not particularly have an eye for fashion, what he does have is the skill to lead a business efficiently. One of the main reasons why JustFab has done so well is owing to his brilliant managerial skills and plans that he chalks up for his company on He is an excellent businessman, and using the knowledge that he has gained through the years of working with businesses; he has been able to lead them in a productive direction.

When Don Ressler came up with the idea to launch JustFab, he wanted to open up a clothing company that would challenge some of the biggest competitors in the industry. Today, the company is one of the tops in its department and has millions of customers from all over the country. Don Ressler is brilliant when it comes to coming up with ingenious marketing techniques for the company, which is also one of the other reasons why the company has grown to be such a huge success at

Don Ressler has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, ever since he was a child. At fifteen years old, Don Ressler had started up his first company which went by the name of Intermix Media on The company was so brilliant for its time that it went on to be sold to Microsoft for a considerable sum of money. When he sold his project, he went on to work for Microsoft to help the project grow further. He had to move halfway across the country to do this, which is also when he dropped out of school to pursue this. For someone of his age, he had already accomplished so much, which was astonishing to everyone. He was the Vice President of Strategic Planning for the company for a while before he decided to go his way and start up another company of his own.

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Boraie Sponsors Free Summer Movie Program for Kids and Families

The State Theatre’s popular Free Summer Movies Series is back for another year, following very successful 2016 run. The New Jersey Stage reported that the New Brunswick theatre is proud to be bringing it back for more family-friendly movies this summer, which will give young people a chance to break out of summertime boredom with great films.

The two sponsors of the event this year are the Boraie Development and the Provident Bank Foundation. The sponsorship is what makes it possible to provide these free public screenings at the historic State Theatre, which has been in business since 1921.

In an article on NJ Biz, this summer, there are six movies which will be showcased every Wednesday at 10:30am and 7:00pm. First up are Frozen on July 12, then E.T. on July 19, followed by Despicable Me 2 July 26, Babe, August 2, Monsters University on August 9, and finally Aladdin on August 16.

Tickets are free of charge, so parents and kids can come together and watch these classic and beloved family films without having to worry about the cost. Last year, the program was very popular with families, but also summer camps and other kid-friendly summer programs. For the State Theatre, the Free Summer Movie Program gives them a chance to connect with a new generation living near the historic theater.

Hiam Boraie, VP of Boraie Development, expressed his thanks for being able to add to the line-up of free movies. Through the generosity of Boraie Development and Provident Bank, the State Theatre hopes to bring in 7,500 movie goers to the summer program this year. It is part of a broader partnership between the theater and community leaders to attract more low-income and busy families, who may not always be able to afford a trip to the movies.

Omar Boraie offers real estate services in New Jersey, such as property management, sales/marketing, and development. They have a strong 30 year track record of providing developing properties in the New Brunswick, NJ area, and continue to provide the maintenance and physical improvements afterwards.

Their sponsorship of the State Theatre’s Free Summer Movie Program comes as part of a larger cooperative effort to revitalize the city as it becomes more family-oriented and settled. They have played a key role in redeveloping the downtown area with new luxury housing like a recently-built 17-story residential high-rise near the train station with direct access to New York. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

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The World’s Greatest CEO, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries Limited is a global company which deals with oils and gasses. The company serves millions of people in more than 25 countries globally.

Which positions have Petrello held in Nabors Industries Limited Company
Anthony Petrello is an all round CEO who does not supervise from a distance. He takes part in most of the activities of the company. He serves as the strategic plan initiator as well as the director. He does not influence through oversight but participation in the propulsion of this business to the greatest possible levels.

Is Anthony an academician?
The CEO of the year cannot be something less. Anthony has Juris Doctor from Harvard University in addition to his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree (Mathematics) from Yale University. The CEO has the knowledge, and advanced skills in taxation, legal affairs as well as arbitration

What was Petrello’s salary in the year 2015?
Petrello received a remuneration $27,512,939 in 2015 fiscal year. He has been the best CEO globally earning the highest amount of money in the years earlier than 2014. In 2014, he suffered the wrath of the angry shareholders in the company, although he did not give up.

The controversial family of Anthony Petrello
Petrello has a wife, Cynthia Petrello, and wonderful daughter, Carena, who has been suffering from the mental disease, PLV. Anthony Petrello and his wife have tried their best to give their child the best medication in most of the best health facilities globally. Today they at Texas Children’s Hospital appealing to the well wishers to donate whatever they have to help her.

How does Petrello’s relate with his friends?
Lloyd Grove, Petrello’s college roommate, describes him as a person who never gives up.

Regardless of his humble background, Petrello is the best CEO the universe has ever had.

Hussain Sajwani: The Persistent and Optimistic Businessman from Dubai

For one to make it business one must be persistent, committed, hardworking and goal oriented. This is the one lesson that the story of Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani; one of the wealthiest men in the United Arab Emirates teaches. Hussain Sajwani began his career in the food business during the 1980s where he served workers in the energy sector. He also used his firm to feed the United States army while on missions in countries such as Somalia, Iraq and Bosnia.

In 2002, after seeing that the returns from the catering industry were not in line with his expectations and life goals, he looked for another investment opportunity. He realized that the real estate industry was growing fast and thus if he invested in it at the time, he would grow his wealth greatly. He founded his real estate company called DAMAC Properties which is based in Dubai.

Since the time, the company has grown to become one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. It has been involved in the construction of many luxurious and prestigious real estate properties that are characterized by unique and sophisticated designs. One of their recent accomplishments is the construction of the Trump International Gold Club in Dubai.

Construction of this gold course brought to light the relationship between Hussain Sajwani family and the United States President Donald Trump. From simple catering to dealing with one of the most prominent business people that the world has seen? That is surely a tremendous journey. Hussain and Trump are friends and have been involved in many business deals through their organizations. However, the presidency is posing threats to the business relationship between the two.

Despite the potential loss of future deals with Trump Organization, Sajwani remains positive saying that rather than fewer or no deals with the organization, he expects more deals from Trump’s children who will now be running the family business. Even in the past, Hussain Sajwani has shown that he is not threatened by adversaries in the business world. For example, the 2008 recession left his business standing even after most real estate companies failed. He remains optimistic with eyes on the price.

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George Soros: The Open Source Foundations

George Soros is a billionaire and philanthropist. He is one of the world’s leading charitable people. He is also more than $25 billion worth. For over two decades, he has worked to support individuals and organizations o realize their dreams. He has also led in the war to fight for freedom for the people. For this reason, George Soros developed the Open Source foundations Company to promote accountability, transparency, and truth monopoly in the governments. The Open Source Foundations have become a cornerstone in the issuance of equality and justice in the nation. George Soros is the man behind the funding of the organizations.

George Soros has focused his givings to those who are facing discrimination in the world. In the recent past, we have seen him support groups representing the Roma people in Europe. When he was born in Hungary, George Soros was a victim of the Nazi of occupation. For this reason, he fled and went to London where he worked at a local hotel. In the country, he went on and studied business administration and finance. He went to attend Certification College in the City and graduated with the highest honors on Forbes. For this reason, he secured a certification to go to the United States. He boarded a ship and set off in 1957.

When he arrived in the country, he commenced his work at a local New York Investment Banking Company on For over five years, he worked to determine the fate of the company. His success led him to become the manager of the company. For this reason, business went on as usual. When he was of age, he went on and founded the Soros Hedge Fund Company. This was the company that lifted him off from poverty. With the company, he went on and survived the risky financial betting where he gained his first $1 billion. For this reason, the business grew better and bigger in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.

According to George Soros, business is what you make it become. Therefore, you must always strive to get ahead of the rest and take a closer look at what you want to achieve on Snopes. If your heart tells you to stop it, you must listen to your heart. For this reason, success will always follow you every step of your life. When George Soros was in the country, he worked to attain better business in a manner that cannot be matched in the industry.

George Soros is now one of the most successful investors in the United States. In the risky financial market, he is considered as an entity that will lie long over his age. His fortune has been amassed from the risky betting in the financial world.

Making The Effort To Take Better Photos

Many people take photos. While some people may take more photos than others, taking photos has always been popular. However, over the past decade, taking photos has risen to even a higher level of popularity because of recent technology innovations such as mobile devices.

The use of mobile devices such as a smartphone allows people to take photos with a device that has multiple purposes. Instead of having to use a camera device on, people can use a smartphone or similar device to take photos using the camera feature on the mobile device.

Using a mobile device has many advantages over using a camera. One of the main advantages is the ability to get access to the photos right away. Also, people can use a mobile device to share the photos with others immediately through communication methods available on a mobile device such as email, text, or social media.

While mobile devices have made taking photos more convenient and easier, photos still must be taken by someone who can take good photos for the photos to look good. One of the problems that some people have regarding photos is the quality of the photos on For people who want their photos to look better, there are several things that they can do to improve the appearance of their photos. One of the most important is to avoid making common mistakes related to taking photos.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa has a list of common mistakes that many people make concerning taking photos. These mistakes can impact photo quality and appearance. As an experienced individual who takes many photos, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is known for the great photos that he takes.

Some of the most common mistakes that Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says many people make regarding taking photos include:

1. There is no topic.
2. People take too many pictures.
3. The level of black and white is not correct.
4. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling
5. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
6. HDR is excessive.
7. Photographs are not consistent.
8. The shots are not sharp enough.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. The composition is not correct.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is a business executive who serves in several key positions with companies located in Panama. The positions he serves in include Treasurer and Director. The positions are with various companies.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa offers assistance to the companies where he serves in executive positions. The assistance covers a variety of areas. As a valuable member of the companies, Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is looked to for his business experience and leadership.

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Don Ressler: Visionary Businessman And Online Marketing Maven

Businessman Don Ressler is an entrepreneur internet marketing specialist. He began his professional career helping companies connect with millions of potential customers via the world wide web. He’s helped to raise capital in excess of $100 million for web-based companies and is responsible for generating more than $1 billion in sales. That has helped him earn a reputation as a brand-building and business guru. Fabletics, one of the most recent companies he co-founded, is transforming the fashion industry with its online marketing strategy.

Ressler’s first company was the start-up, The company was purchased in 2001 by Intermix Media. Intermix Media also hired Ressler who spearheaded a series of core ventures that dramatically increased the value of Intermix Media’s stock. Ressler then worked with 19 year old Intermix Media COO Adam Goldenberg to create the company’s performance advertising and e-commerce division Alena Media. The division brought in hundreds of millions of dollars and was the only profit center for Intermix.

When News Corp bought Intermix Media in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg struck out on their own. Together they founded a number of very profitable companies beginning with Intelligent Beauty. They also co-founded skincare companies Hydroderm and DERMSTORE and SENSA, a weight-loss system. Using their brand-building and internet marketing expertise, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler made all of these companies into lucrative, wildly successful brands.

In 2010 Ressler and Goldenberg launched JustFab, a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. They brought in fashion icon Kimora Lee Simmons as JustFab’s president and creative director in September 2010. By December JustFab had 4 million members. By April 2012 the company had 6 million members and was growing rapidly. With the leadership of Ressler, Goldenberg and Lee, JustFab bought FabKids, a children’s subscription fashion service, acquired The Fab Shoes, a European fashion e-commerce site and gained 3 million members in Europe.

In October, 2013 Don Ressler and the JustFab team joined with actress Kate Hudson to create their best known company yet. It’s called Fabletics and is a subscription website offering stylish outfits and athletic wear. Made from fabrics that move and stretch, the clothes are called Athleisure wear and can be worn to work, to dinner or to a work-out session. That kind of flexibility combined with great cuts, the latest styles and made to fit women of all shapes and sizes, has made Fabletics Don Ressler’s latest company to quickly generate tens of millions of dollars.

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A Brilliant Entrepreneur- Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a passionate and successful entrepreneur, investor, businessman and motivational speaker. He is one of the founders of Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF), a company that targets young budding entrepreneurs in the digital sector.

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His Background and Achievements


Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, in Switzerland region. While still a teenager, he came across a topic on finance and economics that captured his attention, awakening his interest in the business world; he was eager to learn more! Little did he know, that marked the beginning of his career


Later in life, he went on to acquire an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


He was lucky enough to be employed in the Swiss private banking where he gathered an over 20 years’ experience. Due to his ambitious nature, he quickly rose up the ranks from a young apprentice at UBS to one of the executive board members of a Swiss private bank.


During his late 30s, Mike Baur became passionate and interested in mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Hence, at 39 years of age, he partnered with Max Masters and founded the Swiss Startup Factory a top ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland.


Earlier this year, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest a lead financing platform for Swiss startups


To date he is responsible for leading SSUF’s fundraising and financing rounds, offering motivational talks and support to upcoming young companies.


About Swiss Startup Factory


It was founded and launched in the year 2014. SSUF is an independent and privately financed company based in Zurich. Its main purpose is providing a firm foundation for young entrepreneurs with a focus on digital technologies by offering them a platform for coaching, mentoring, working space, and financial support. To achieve this, it periodically runs a three-month-long accelerator program for startups. Young companies that go through this program are assured of gaining access to a large network of potential partners, investors, and customers.


The company has obtained a strong network in and out of Switzerland by joining forces with other like-minded individuals, organizations and startup companies. Recently it formed a partnership with Fusion (a Geneva-based Fintech accelerator). The union aims to provide better opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs by collaborating on the pre-selection process, joint events, mentor network exchange, cooperation with universities and shared office space.