Investing Advice from Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is someone that has a very strong presence in the industry today. He has become one of those leaders that is able to tell everyone else about investing because he has done some great things with investing. He has managed to win and lose money in the investing game, and now he is helping so many others that want to invest do what they need to gain better returns on investment.

What makes Brad Reifler different is the fact that he has mentioned his failures in the world of investing. So many other financial gurus will talk to people that follow their lead from almighty investor standpoint. These types of investors only mention their success in investing. They never mention any of their failures.

What Brad Reifler has done is tell people that they should not put everything that they have into one company. So many people are guilty of putting all of their eggs in one basket. There is also a lot of danger that comes with picking stocks that you know nothing about. That is what is considered riding the wave. Technology stocks by certain companies may be hot and people may make the decision to hop on something without doing the research. This happens all the time. Reifler believes that the investors that are successful are the ones that take the time to do the research. He knows that it is important to know whether a stock can be successful in the long term.

Another thing that he has mentioned is the danger of giving someone else all the power over your portfolio. It is a good idea to have a portfolio that you have control over. A broker can only do so much. You need to know whether you are going to have an aggressive or moderate group of stocks in your portfolio. These important decisions cannot be left to brokers.

The Importance of Having a Good Online Reputation for Your Business

If you own a business with or without a website, you need to have online reputation management. Even if you don’t have a website, if you have a business, people will talk about your services, quality of products offered and many other aspects of your business on online sites that rate businesses. No one goes to the store to buy anything without looking online for customer reviews about the product before they walk out the door.

It is clearly important to have an online reputation manager helping you keep your online presence positive. If you don’t, negative comments will cost you a lot of lost business. It doesn’t matter what caused the bad press, whether it is an unhappy employee, a dissatisfied customer or some other negative comments. This is an issue that you need to have fixed immediately. With social media and the Internet available to everyone, keeping a good online reputation is essential to keeping your business running.

The Search Fixers

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