James Larkin War for Enforcement of Labor Rights of the Workers

James Larkin served as an activist in the Irish labor organization. He is the man that came up with the Irish Transport together and General Workers Union. He was born in Liverpool in England on January 21, 1876. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia
The union he founded rose to become the largest in the region. The Durbin Lockout led to the breakdown of the ITGWU. It forced Larkin to shift to the United States in the year 1914 but would later be deported. As an unmoved Marxist, he continued with the labor organization.

James Larkin was brought up in the slums in Liverpool and got only a little formal education. He had to work hard in various casual jobs to cater for the family.

He finally rose to the position of the docks foreman. He was an influential socialist, and this propelled him to join the National Union of Dock Laborer because he believed that the laborers were not treated fairly. He then rose to be the full-time trade union organizer in 1905.

Larkin’s militant strike method came as a shock to the Laborers body and was relocated to Dubin. There he came up with the ITGWU. He formed this organization with the aim of bringing close all industrial workers regardless of whether educated or uneducated to form an organization.

He later came up with the Irish Labor Party that conducted a series of strikes. The famous of the strikes that lasted for almost eight months was the Dubin Lockout. More than 100000 workers went on a strike and finally won the right to fair employment.

When later the World War I, James Larkin was involved in conducting the demonstration against the war in Dubin. He was forced to move again to the United States to raise money to support the fight against Britain.

He was accused of criminal anarchy and communism in the year 1920 and was sentenced to imprisonment. He was later pardoned after three years but deported to Ireland. Still, he further went on to start the Workers Union of Ireland. The union was recognized by the Communist International in the year 1924.

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Equities First – How The Affected Financial Institutions Facilitated Increase In Alternative Lending Services

The fall out of bigger financial institutions was eradicated by the banks bailout by national governments, however, that did not stop stock markets from dropping worldwide. In different places, the housing market was affected leading to evictions, prolonged unemployment and foreclosures. The crisis led to a vital role in the failure of main businesses, decline in consumer wealth approximated to be trillions in US dollars and downturn of economic practices causing 2008 – 2012 Great Recession and leading to happening of European sovereign-debt crisis. The crisis active phase took place in August 9, 2007 after manifesting in form of liquidity crisis after BNP Paribas stopped withdraws of three hedge funds hence creating full “evaporation of” liquidity. As a result of many investors seeking capital in vain, there has been an increase of borrowers acquiring for loans from alternative money lenders. And getting such services from a recognized and firm with good reputation would eliminate you from falling into another crisis or risks. Equities First is a global firm that is spearheading in offering optional lending services. The company started its functions in 2002 and to date; it has successfully managed to transfer billions of cash without issues. Al Christy is the firms CEO & Founder who also confirmed the increase of borrowers acquiring stock loans due to numerous benefits such as low interest rates. Read More News Here .

Economic recession led to rapture of the US housing bubble with its peak point at the ending of 2006. The effects tumbled values of the securities attached to US real estate cost, hence damaging the financial institutions worldwide. The monetary crisis was facilitated by a compound interplay of policies that motivated home ownership, offering easier access of loan to subprime borrowers, over estimating the value of tied subprime mortgages anticipating that housing costs would go on to escalate, doubtful trading exercises on behalf of sellers & buyers, compensation programs that prioritized short-term deals over long-term value establishment and lack of enough capital holdings from insurance companies and banks to support the monetary commitments made. Conventional lenders have tightened their lending regulations leaving alternative lending as the leading, modern and innovative way of acquiring simple and affordable loans. Equities at LinkedIn .

https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Overview/Working-at-Equities-First-Holdings-EI_IE1401879.11,34.htm for more .

Hussain Sajwani: The Persistent and Optimistic Businessman from Dubai

For one to make it business one must be persistent, committed, hardworking and goal oriented. This is the one lesson that the story of Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani; one of the wealthiest men in the United Arab Emirates teaches. Hussain Sajwani began his career in the food business during the 1980s where he served workers in the energy sector. He also used his firm to feed the United States army while on missions in countries such as Somalia, Iraq and Bosnia.

In 2002, after seeing that the returns from the catering industry were not in line with his expectations and life goals, he looked for another investment opportunity. He realized that the real estate industry was growing fast and thus if he invested in it at the time, he would grow his wealth greatly. He founded his real estate company called DAMAC Properties which is based in Dubai.

Since the time, the company has grown to become one of the largest real estate companies in the Middle East. It has been involved in the construction of many luxurious and prestigious real estate properties that are characterized by unique and sophisticated designs. One of their recent accomplishments is the construction of the Trump International Gold Club in Dubai.

Construction of this gold course brought to light the relationship between Hussain Sajwani family and the United States President Donald Trump. From simple catering to dealing with one of the most prominent business people that the world has seen? That is surely a tremendous journey. Hussain and Trump are friends and have been involved in many business deals through their organizations. However, the presidency is posing threats to the business relationship between the two.

Despite the potential loss of future deals with Trump Organization, Sajwani remains positive saying that rather than fewer or no deals with the organization, he expects more deals from Trump’s children who will now be running the family business. Even in the past, Hussain Sajwani has shown that he is not threatened by adversaries in the business world. For example, the 2008 recession left his business standing even after most real estate companies failed. He remains optimistic with eyes on the price.

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A Broad Portfolio Of Services Is Being Offered By Cotemar

Mexico has a wealth of unexplored opportunities to offer. These include energy and oil and Maritime and so much more. There are thousands of people who are working in all these sectors. It is the productivity of these people that is able to boost the country’s economy. Cotemar Mexico is also benefiting from all these resources that are available in Mexico. This is a corporation that is specializing in providing varied services to the oil industry.

The company offers petroleum services in addition to offshore maintenance. Other services include maritime services, besides offshore construction. They offer a number of specialized ships too. They have been in operation for more than thirty years now. Cotemar Mexico already enjoys a stamp of authority in the petroleum industry of Mexico. There are a number of renowned media stations including CNN that have celebrated the success of this company by airing news about the world-class services being offered by them.

The broad portfolio of services offered by Cotemar ensures that the petroleum sector is running smoothly in Mexico. They are developing offshore oil fields. They are into construction services as well as maintenance too. Cotemar has specialized vessels. These enable them to provide integral services to the marine staff. These integral services would include food, lodging, transportation services and so on. All this is for the staff as well as other materials.

Cotemar was established in 1979. This is a Mexican company. Initially, Cotemar Mexico was rendering its services only to the energy sector. It was only later that they expanded this to cater to many different industries. Today Cotemar is providing a wide range of services to some of the biggest companies in the Petroleum industry, such as Petroleos Mexicanos.

Now Cotemar Mexico is embarking on a new business model that promises high performance. This would involve incorporating highly advanced process equipment along with indicators. This will help in achieving the highest possible levels of service standard.

The company is targeting construction, maintenance as well as modernization, along with engineering services besides food and lodging.

Cotemar Mexico is known for its talent acquisition strategy. The company is able to attract, equip as well as retain outstanding talents. This has been achieved with the help of a thorough and robust training program. Such a development program is able to empower workers who are having the requisite competencies. They have partnered with many prominent companies in this industry.

Fabletics Get High Marks With Customers And Reviewers

Fabletics is an athletic wear company that is a branch of JustFab. They are a subscription service just like JustFab and the customer pays a subscription fee monthly for an outfit that is selected by in-house style experts. When the customer signs up for the service initially they are asked a series of style and lifestyle question. The company bases their monthly choices off of the answers from those questions.


Women everywhere have been leaving rave reviews for Fabletics. They love the quality and the value that they receive when doing business with them. In fact, major websites such as The Krazy Coupon Lady and Trust Pilot have featured rave reviews regarding the quality and value of the products that they tested. Trust Pilot gives Fabletics a high star rating for overall customer service and quality as well.


Fabletics is a high-quality brand that uses the very best materials and workmanship. They offer their products at incredible prices too. They have items that compare to the more expensive products. Their goal is to offer the very best athletic wear in all sizes for all ages. They have something for everyone and they are proud to be an all-inclusive brand. Fabletic’s co-founder and spokesperson Kate Hudson is also proud to announce that the company is now offering swimwear and evening wear.


Fabletics has enjoyed a huge amount of success in the last few years. The athleisure wear craze has taken the country by storm. Women everywhere have been scooping up and wearing athletic clothing every chance that they get. Fabletics has been on the forefront of this movement. They have built a reputation for offering fantastic style at a fraction of the price that other companies offer their athletic wear products for. Fabletics is made of the very best material and has features such as built in bras and reinforced tummy areas. The swimwear resists sliding and moving on the body so that you don’t have to worry about having a wardrobe malfunction. Not only is the clothing incredible stylish but it is incredibly comfortable as well. This is one of the reasons we see women wearing their Fabletics for everyday activities instead of just for exercise.

A Brilliant Entrepreneur- Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a passionate and successful entrepreneur, investor, businessman and motivational speaker. He is one of the founders of Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF), a company that targets young budding entrepreneurs in the digital sector.

Learn more: http://www.founderstories.ch/founderstories/mike-baur-swiss-startup-factory-ssuf/

His Background and Achievements


Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, in Switzerland region. While still a teenager, he came across a topic on finance and economics that captured his attention, awakening his interest in the business world; he was eager to learn more! Little did he know, that marked the beginning of his career


Later in life, he went on to acquire an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.


He was lucky enough to be employed in the Swiss private banking where he gathered an over 20 years’ experience. Due to his ambitious nature, he quickly rose up the ranks from a young apprentice at UBS to one of the executive board members of a Swiss private bank.


During his late 30s, Mike Baur became passionate and interested in mentoring and supporting young entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Hence, at 39 years of age, he partnered with Max Masters and founded the Swiss Startup Factory a top ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland.


Earlier this year, he was appointed Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest a lead financing platform for Swiss startups


To date he is responsible for leading SSUF’s fundraising and financing rounds, offering motivational talks and support to upcoming young companies.


About Swiss Startup Factory


It was founded and launched in the year 2014. SSUF is an independent and privately financed company based in Zurich. Its main purpose is providing a firm foundation for young entrepreneurs with a focus on digital technologies by offering them a platform for coaching, mentoring, working space, and financial support. To achieve this, it periodically runs a three-month-long accelerator program for startups. Young companies that go through this program are assured of gaining access to a large network of potential partners, investors, and customers.


The company has obtained a strong network in and out of Switzerland by joining forces with other like-minded individuals, organizations and startup companies. Recently it formed a partnership with Fusion (a Geneva-based Fintech accelerator). The union aims to provide better opportunities for young digital entrepreneurs by collaborating on the pre-selection process, joint events, mentor network exchange, cooperation with universities and shared office space.

Raj Fernando, Long Term Relationships, and Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando has been a top contender when it comes to the trading world. He stands out against many of the players and continues to thrive in ways most people dream about. Starting Chopper trading in 2002, Raj Fernando decided to change his approach when it came to building a team.

The practice behind such a business must demonstrate the ability to create an effective trading team that is able to not only work among st each other in a positive way, but bring in revenue with strong trades and knowledgeable people.

Understanding these important factors have allowed Raj Fernando to build a successful business that continues to grow upwards. He understands the importance of having the right people around him.

It is unclear just how lengthy Chopper interviews are, but the amount of time it takes to make your way into the company is incomparable to any other interview process. Is it worth it? Many say that it’s more than worth it. Raj Fernando has been known to treat his employees to high end perks that other companies would drool over.

One of the things he believes is that having a strong team of people will assist with the growth of his company. That means hiring people who would make the atmosphere enjoyable, and laid back.

Chopper Trading is extremely different than any other trading room you will ever walk in. It’s laid back environment creates a space where employees can bond with one another,in turn helping to establish long lasting relationships.

Raj Fernando is all about creating a “Family”. One that will last the life of the company. This is one of the reasons why Raj Fernando takes the hiring process so seriously.

The lengthy process helps Fernando to weed out the undesirable, and focus on the interviewees with potential. Long term potential is most important when it comes to choosing the right employees for Chopper.

Fernando believes that it’s not about the amount of money the employee will bring in, it’s about that employee being able to fit within the company in a positive way.