The Admirable Dedication of Mikhail Blagosklonny to Aging Research

It calls for a lot of passion and dedication for a person to sacrifice their life to the service and well-being of humanity. Well, this exactly what Mikhail Blagosklonny is all about, who as a renowned oncologist has dedicated his life to research on aging as well as cancer. Mikhail Blagosklonny works at the great Roswell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology, whereas in addition to his engagements he conducts life changing research on cancer and aging. Among his various educational accomplishments, it is worth noting that he also went to St. Petersburg’s First Pavlov State Medical University where he acquired immense skills that aid his career today.

Long before Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny worked for Roswell Park Cancer Institute, he had worked with the Ordway Research Institute where he held the position of a senior scientist. He had also worked as an associate professor for the New York Medical College. All these experiences helped shape him into the resourceful man that he is now, being able to accomplish immense feats in the medical field, especially to do with aging and also cancer. Whereas this is such an amazing achievement for humanity, who could hope to improve their standards of living based on his findings.

Most notably, Mikhail Blagosklonny has been able to come up with an incredible hypothesis concerning the possible significance of TOR signaling when it comes to aging and cancer. Mr. Blagosklonny has proposed the use of the popular cancer drug rapamycin as means to be able to extend someone’s life. This is by far a great achievement if this drug could be able to extend someone’s life, as this will bring a lot of hope to humanity in its ability to heal many ailments and improving their quality of lives. His advocacy in the study of longevity and the use of this cancer drug rapamycin has earned him a lot of admiration in the medical field.

It has been the believe of most scientists that aging was not preventable and was in fact caused by molecular damage in living organisms. However, with the extensive research of reputable scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny, a new hyperfunction theory outdid that old belief. This brought about new hope that in fact, aging could be altered and prolonged in such a manner that certain aging ailments are also eradicated.

The ability of rapamycin to be able to delay the devastating effects of aging is instrumental to being able to tackle diseases such as Alzheimer’s, which affects old people as a result of aging. Blagosklonny has over the years advocated for this kind of treatment for aging, which brings about a ray of hope for all humanity.

Dr. Clay Siegall:Dedicated Cancer Research Scientist And Successful Entrepreneur

For over 30 years Dr. Clay Siegall has been working to help develop better, more effective treatments for cancer. His interest in fighting the disease began when he was 19 years old and saw his father being ravished by the disease. Since that time he has worked with some of the leading companies involved in cancer research and has had his share of victories. In 1998, he co-founded Seattle Genetics. In the almost 20 years since, the company has made major breakthroughs and has developed some of the most effective cancer treatment drugs in the world today. But Dr. Siegall isn’t done yet.

Although Dr. Clay Siegal has received numerous awards for his work as an entrepreneur and scientist, he is not yet satisfied. Fighting cancer is his passion. He has written extensively on the subject and collaborated with leading oncologists, innovators and companies to develop and distribute viable treatments. But he has had his most spectacular success through the work at Seattle Genetics. The company is famous for developing ADCETRIS, the first antibody-drug conjugate to receive approval from the FDA. ADCETRIS is now used to help people suffering with cancer all over the world.

Part of the work Dr. Siegall does at Seattle Genetics is fundraising. The research and development activities in which the company engages is very expensive. It requires highly-trained, experienced professionals and technologies which have a high price. To keep the development pipeline going, Dr. Siegall has raised in excess of $1.2 billion dollars. He’s done so through a successful IPO, reaching out to public and private sources and creating licensing partnerships with companies wanting to market ADCETRIS to oncologists and cancer patients worldwide.

Through the work and leadership of Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has a development pipeline with dozens of viable cancer treatments poised to be shared with cancer patients. But he’s also learned even with his degrees and experience, the key to his success is his interactions with smart people. They have the knowledge and expertise to solve the problems cancer presents. With their support he’s been able to improve life for many.