4 Things You Should Know About Eric Pulier

He Started Writing Programs In The 4th Grade
From the very beginning Eric Pulier showed a talent for programming. As early as high school he was using this talent to create first company. Like any other boy wonder Pulier eventually found himself studying at the University of Harvard where he majored in computer science. Sometimes kid geniuses don’t live up to expectations when they get older, but Pulier’s career path has consistently steered towards innovations. His work has led to breakthroughs in areas such as private social networks and remote desktop software.

He’s Generated Hundreds Of Millions In Dollars
The startups Eric Pulier has created almost always end up successful. The word “successful” here doesn’t simply mean breaking even or turning a profit. It means his companies are sold for multiples of millions by the time he’s ready to sell them.

He’s Devoted More Time To Charity Than Profit
Although Pulier has amassed a fortune he hasn’t let that fortune go to his head. The charity work of Eric Pulier is far more notable than anything he’s done for his startups. Take the example of Starbright World for instance. When the Starbright Foundation wanted to help its young patients connect with people facing similar diseases they asked Pulier to help build a social network specifically for their network of hospitals. Today thanks to his work Starbright World serves hundreds of patients treated in over 70 hospitals. The success of Pulier is so great it eventually attracted the attention of the federal government.

He Worked For The President At One Point
In the late 90s President Bill Clinton asked Eric Pulier to help him on a project he called “Bridge Of The 21st Century“. With this project Pulier created an exhibit describing the various ways technology would impact our lives in the 21st century. That exhibit was so popular Pulier’s name was printed in newspapers across the country and broadcasted with major news channels. Even today Pulier continues to help the Clintons’ through his participation in the Clinton Global Iniative and other nonprofit organizations.

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