An In-depth Look at David Giertz: His Career and Personal Life

With over three decades in the financial services sector, David Giertz qualifies to be a veteran in the industry. The MBA graduate from the University of Miami is also a WABC Certified Business Coach. He has worked at Citigroup as financial services advisor at one time and later as a senior vice president of sales. Most recently, he was with Nationwide Financial serving as the president to its Sales and Distribution Organization on LinkedIn. In an interview with Ideamensch earlier this month, he said that he always lived by his mother’s word to him that he should always work hard and strive to learn every time.

David’s Best Idea

David Giertz implemented the idea of introducing two annual meetings between top performers at Nationwide Financial and senior executives. In his assessment, he perceives that idea as the best idea he ever had in his entire career. David came up with the idea to address the mass staff resignation from the company, which he attributed to a big disconnect between the company’s top leadership and the employees. According to, after implementing the idea, the employees’ exodus ceased, and everything returned to normalcy. Through the annual meetings, the employees were accorded the platform of interacting and sharing their grievances with their bosses.

His Early Life

In his interview with Ideamensch, David revealed that as much as he is successful today, his beginning was modest. He was forced to do some odd jobs such as cleaning a grocery store to sustain himself through college. He, however, doesn’t regret his past for it taught him a lot that has made him the man he is today. David Giertz met individuals from all walks of life who mentored him in a big way- people he wishes he had met even earlier.

Other Roles

Besides his job at Nationwide Financial, David has involved himself with community organizations, such as Girl Scouts of Broward County, FINRA, and the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce at

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Eric Pulier’s Contributions to the Information Technology Sector Have Been Monumental

The people that realized computers could change the course of humanity back in the 1960s and 1970s have been instrumental in making computers household necessities today. Eric Pulier is one of those people. Pulier had an innate ability to understand computer knowledge when he was just a high school kid. When he was accepted to Harvard in 1984, he decided to study English and American Literature, but computer technology was his main passion. Pulier graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988. Eric was accepted to MIT, and that was a defining moment in his life. He moved to California in 1991, and he surrounded himself with people that loved computers just as much as he did. His first company, People Doing Things, was his attempt to introduce people to technology that could change the way they addressed issues like education, health and social as well as economic dilemmas.

In 1998, Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC, and that move dramatically expanded the company’s client base and profits. No matter what Pulier touched, it became a success in the technology world, so he founded a social network called Starbright World. Starbright World was designed to help seriously ill kids interact with each other through blogs and chats.

In 1997, Pulier helped create the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington, D.C., and Eric also helped Al Gore develop his health care forum as well as Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative. While Eric was busy doing those things, as well as running his companies, he co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA, an architectural book.

Mr. Pulier’s involvement in nonprofit organizations has changed the lives of children. He got involved with the camp for kids with serious illnesses called the Painted Turtle, and he also decided to help another nonprofit called the X-Prize Foundation that focuses on some of the world’s greatest challenges. Those organizations gave Pulier the chance to give back and pay forward some of the financial and personal rewards he has achieved over the years. Pulier continues to contribute to the information technology industry and in charitable causes.