Matt Badiali and What Fascinates him About Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a former geology teacher, a businessman working in the mining industry, and a writer. He used to teach at the University of North Carolina before Matt Badiali was recruited to be on the team of large investor needing a geologist n his team.


Over the next ten years, Matt Badiali traveled around d the world and inspected sights in order to confirm if they were worth investing in or not. Over the course of his career, Matt Badiali met and worked with many investors around the globe and got to receive useful advice from his conversations with them. It was during that time that Matt Badiali found out about the Stature 26 F which was enforced in 1987 by the Congress and has been actively writing and talking about it ever since. Visit to know more.


The Stature 26 F allows the companies of the United States of America to give out ”freedom checks” as Matt Badiali calls them. The Stature 26 F also allows those corporations to operate free of tax. Those ”freedom checks” are given to big-game shareholders of the particular company. They re for a large amount of money which makes Matt Badiali recommend them.


In the United States of America, there are 568 such corporations up to date. In order to be one of those companies and maintain one’s place among them, a business has to meet two requirements. The first is to be generating 90 percent of the revenue from production, storage, processing, and transportation of oil and gas nationally in the United States of America. The second requirement is to be paying out the checks to shareholders. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.


Matt Badiali has been fascinated with freedom checks for many years. While they are not the most promising choice and goal for regular investors the concept is becoming better known. Those 568 companies that can currently issue a ”freedom checks” are called MLPs, master limited partnerships. They work primarily in the industry of oil and gas. Their operations include exploring to find new sources, pipeline the gas and oil across networks, and so on.


Matt Badiali states that 90 percent of what the corporation earns is supposed to go to investors and shareholders and that that money is used to make up the ”freedom checks”. The receivers of the checks do not get the same amount of money. They also do not have to income tax for receiving them s they are treated as a return of capital.


Jeff Yastine: Making The Kennedy Accounts Work For You

Ever since Jeff Yastine created a widely circulated video that served as a means of letting the world know more about the legitimacy of Kennedy Accounts, would be investors have found themselves asking whether they are legitimate. After all, if these accounts were able to provide all of us with the chance to maximize our investments….why wouldn’t everyone have one?

The answer is simpler than you may think. These accounts are kept away from the general public’s knowledge because the Wall Street fat cats do not want you to benefit from them. Did you know that Wall Street lobbyists spent over a million dollars per day in order to encourage Congress to bury the information? Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Thanks to Jeff Yastine, this is no longer something that you will need to concern yourself with. He is bringing this information to the world so that everyone can reap the benefits that the Kennedy Accounts have to offer.

Making the Kennedy Accounts work for you might seem complicated but there is not much to it. All you need to do is purchase a Direct Stock Purchase Plan directly from the company that you wish to invest. This allows you to cut Wall Street out of the equation and maximize your earnings.

On top of the money that you are going to save by removing Wall Street from the proceedings, you can also make your purchases at a much lower price overall. John F. Kennedy created these accounts as a means of allowing the average American to get back into the game, so to speak.

Instead of trying investment strategies that are proven not to work, Kennedy created a universe where the everyday citizen would be able to turn a relatively small amount of money into a major payout as long as they are willing to display the proper amount of patience. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

The Kennedy Accounts are not a get rich quick scheme and Jeff Yastine is not here to sell you a dream. However, these accounts do represent a very unique opportunity for those who wish to get the absolute most out of their stock market investments.

Total Wealth Insider is Jeff Yastine’s newsletter and subscribers are proven to get results. Now that you have access to all of his insider information, you can choose the stocks that are best for your needs and take advantage of the myriad of benefits that Kennedy Accounts have to offer you.