The Life of Eric Pulier as a Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier has demonstrated his diverse talents by accomplishing a lot in various disciplines including authoring, entrepreneurship, public speaking, venture capitalism, and philanthropy. The Los Angeles-based business guru developed a passion for technology at a tender age. He learned to program computers, and by fourth grade, Pulier had an operational computer database firm. After completing his high school course, he earned a position at the prestigious Harvard University where he specialized in American Literature and English. Pulier was an all-around student who managed to excel in academics and to work on part time basis.

Career breakthrough and venture capitalism

Upon completing his university education, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles and unveiled People Doing Things, an innovative firm that utilized technology to come up with long-lasting solutions to issues that affect education and healthcare industries. In 1994, he launched yet another technology giant known as Digital Evolution, which merged with U.S. Interactive LLC after four years.

A group of ventures funded, established, and co-founded by Pulier are Digital Evolution, Akana Desktone, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, as well as Media Platform. He has also committed millions of dollars to charitable organizations and venture capital funds such as Trident Capital, Monitor Ventures, eCompanies, and a new technology startup yet to be officially unveiled. He invests in various seed level startups in technology and media sectors, most of which have turned out to be successful financings.

Philanthropic endeavors

Pulier has always used technology in the development of solutions to thorny challenges that people face. He is the brains behind Starbright World, a renowned social network for kids with chronic diseases. Through the Starbright World, children can meet, talk, and share their experience with other children who have similar experiences. He offers philanthropic support and funding to ACW Foundation, an organization that focuses on redefining how software is developed and applied to resolve the grand challenges of the humanity. Through the Campaign for Free College Tuition, Eric Pulier works toward a future whereby Americans can attain higher education free of charge.