The Beauty of the Mighty Fortress International Church

Minnesota has some of the most beautiful and unique churches I have ever seen. My favorite are those with a rich history and fascinating architecture.

One of the churches that I found to be catchy is the Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church, Minneapolis. It has pointed spires, with its center spire being ranked as the second tallest building in Minneapolis. It was built in 1916. It has an English Rural Gothic architectural structure. Visit to know more.

The Assumption Chapel, Cold Spring was built in 1951. It has a gothic structure and a wooded bluff. It is also known as the Grasshopper Chapel, as it was built as a last resort for a day of prayer to bring the locust plague that hit the area in the 1870’s to an end.

The Church of the Holy Communion, St. Peter is A-framed and has a Gothic style structure. It was built in 1869 using the local Kasota limestone and has unique gabled eye windows on either side of its slopped roof.

The Stella Marie Chapel. St. John’s University, Collegeville was built by Benedictine Monks in 1915.It has a Romanesque style and can only be accessed by hiking or canoeing across Lake Sagatagan.

  1. John’s Abbey Church, Collegeville has a modern style and was built in 1961. It has a 118-ft tall concrete tower and a honeycombed wall behind it.

The Mighty Fortress International is my favorite. Its atmosphere is not as formal as in other churches, which is encouraging to members who feel that they can go to church just as they are. It’s unique in the sense that it has an authentic style worship and delivers messages for modern day living. The church focusses on God and what He has done in people’s lives.


At Mighty Fortress Church, everyone is welcome to be part of the service. The atmosphere is accommodating and one can come, just as they are, without feeling judged.

Bishop T. R. Williams is the senior pastor and founder of the church. He has served in different capacities for over 30 years. He believes that the wisdom and knowledge in the word of God is the answer to the world’s problems of sin, sickness, poverty, moral decay and rebellion against God. He values God, family, community and church and his core message to his congregation is reconciliation. Watch this video on Youtube.