Michael Hagele, Corporate Counsel and Tech Investor

California based Michael Hagele is many things to many people. Hagele is a senior outside counsel for several technology-based companies, an early investor in technology start-ups and an investor in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

All of these responsibilities under Hagele’s belt and he still finds the time to ride a mountain or road bike every day. “It’s not unusual for me to be able to arrive at a new approach for a client’s issues during these times” Hagele states in an interview with IdeaMensch.

Michael Hagele graduated with his BA from the University of Iowa and later completed his law degree at the University of California, Berkeley. After his graduation, Hagele worked as an Attorney for Fenwick & West LLP in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group in Palo Alto, CA. The knowledge he gained there allowed him to start working in Counselling in the year 2000. Connect with Michael Hagele by visiting his linkedin account.

Hagele has worked in counsel at Bigvine and Metaweb Technologies before leaving to start his venture in Corporate Counsel. Now an entrepreneur, Hagele has provided his legal services to many tech businesses while investing in projects of his enjoyment. Mountain and road biking has been an outlet for Hagele as he adheres to physical activity recharging and sharpening the mind. He enjoys the competition of Strava and keeps up with his friends’ mountain bike rides.

As a productive entrepreneur, Hagele puts his customers first. There is much pressure in doing the best job possible, but he helps his clients with business and life. That is not something Hagele takes lightly.

While Hagele works with others in his business ventures, he enjoys working with those who invest in its success. An average evening for Hagele is on the phone with his international clients discussing strategy. Michael Hagele works hard to ensure that you and your business success.

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How Students Can Learn from Bruno Fagali

Learning from a mentor is one of the best ways for someone to advance in a career. The nation of Brazil is going through various changes. With high economic growth, millions of people are moving to the country. With all of the immigration, the legal field is overrun with questions from clients.

Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer who specializes in helping small business owners. In the past few years, he has invested a ton of time and money into his business. He is proud of the work he has accomplished. Not only has Bruno won multiple awards, but he has helped hundreds of clients. Know more about Fagali at Ibdee.org.


Getting Started


After graduating from college, Bruno Fagali decided to attend law school. He enjoyed studying about the law and wanted to have a prominent career. He worked for multiple law firms after graduation. He worked long hours each day, and he always looked for ways to improve the companies he worked at.

Bruno decided to abandon the corporate world and work on a business idea. Some of his work colleagues thought he was crazy to leave his prominent position. However, Bruno wanted to spend time helping people in the local community. Visit Mundodo Marketing to know more about Fagali.




Bruno Fagali spends most of his time helping low-income clients with legal issues. He firmly believes that wealthy people should spend their time and money helping others. Although he could make more money working with a different client base, he enjoys helping people who need it most.

Bruno also teaches a few classes each year at a local college. Although he does not make much money from this venture, he enjoys teaching others about the legal profession.

Future Goals


Bruno Fagali has had an excellent career in the legal industry. He plans to add a location for his company in the next few months. By offering another site, he can serve more clients than ever before. Due to his popularity, some people have speculated that Bruno will run for political office. However, he says that he wants to focus on running his company.

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