How Norka Luque Overcame Challenges to Become a Musician

Who Is Norka Luque?

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan music artist and performer who is based in Miami. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and briefly studied abroad in France. Eventually she settled in Miami, hoping to make a breakthrough in music as a singer and performer. After many years of hard work, Norka finally managed to break through and released a hit single called “as you do it” in 2011. Later on she would release a second hit single called “miracle” in 2012. Other songs have since followed including another hit single called “tommorowland.”

Norka Luque’s Early Years

Norka Luque has been exposed to music throughout her entire life. As a baby, her parents say that she would listen to music to fall asleep. As a child in school. Norka Luque would study playing the piano, singing with a coach and learn dance in the form of ballet and Spanish flamenco. As a junior Norka competed in several music performance and vocal contests. She won several of them and received the attention of several famous artists at the time in Venezuela.

After completing school in Venezuela, Norka Luque went to France to study at the university level. Her chosen major was business administration. She also took courses in fashion and the culinary arts. While studying in France, Norka Luque also managed to join a band and sing. She loved it and wanted to do music as a career. Still, she was unable to breakthrough during her time in Europe or Venezuela.

Norka Luque Makes A Breakthrough

Being finished with college, Norka Luque headed to the land of opportunity, America. She settled in the city of Miami in Florida.

Norka made her breakthrough when she impressed the director Emilio Estefan Jr. He is a world famous Latin music director. He gave Norka a chance to record and work at his studio. After several years of working and collaborating with other Venezuelan artists, songwriters and musicians Norka finally released her first debut single. It was called “as you do it”, and it earned Norka a nomination for best new artist.

Norka has said that she is very happy to be able to sing and perform as a career. She believes that her music inspires and brings out the best in people.

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