The Man Singlehandedly Funding Hillary

George Soros, a Hungarian-born billionaire who resides in New York, has been known as one of the most generous supporters of the Democratic party in years past. However, he has cut back on his large monetary donations. That is, until this year. In lieu of the heightened political environment, Soros has made his most generous contribution yet, at over $25 million dollars of donation in support of Hillary Clinton and her fellow democratic constituents.

What’s more, that might not be it for Soros. According to his associates, Soros may well be willing to donate more as the election comes to a close. According to Politico’s recent article, “George Soros Rises Again,” George Soros generosity gives Clinton a much better chance of beating Trump. Soros, who has always been a staunch supporter of democratic causes, such as immigration reform and religious freedom.

For Soros, many of these politic causes are personal. After being born in a Nazi-occupied Budapest, Hungary, he struggled until immigrating to England. After acquiring a brief education in economics, he moved to his now home, the United States. Like many immigrants, Soros worked hard and eventually accumulated a heaping personal wealth on

Since the 1970s, Soros has continued to serve as a philanthropic presence on Bloomberg for the many humanitarian causes he supports. Soros is also an avid academic and continues to write and publish many works on the deeper issues that afflict politics, economics, and society as a whole.

George Soros drew similar attention when he made sizable donations in opposition to Bush. During that period, Soros was outspoken about his resentment toward the Bush campaign. Soros politic donations died down during Obama’s time in office. It is believed this is because Soros was disappointed with Obama’s lack of aggression on social issues that Soros held dear. However, this time about, Soros has gone out of the way to strengthen Trump’s opposition.

According to Forbes magazine, Soros is an avid supporter of refugee and immigrant voters.  For example, he previously gave over three million dollars to a political committee geared toward increasing the rights of Hispanic voters. Unlike Trump, Soros appears to be using his fortune to personally support the rights of an often afflicted voter.

There is no doubt that the current election on Twitter is one of the most dramatic and extreme rivalries in the history of the presidential race. The extreme generosity of community members such as Soros demonstrates a heightened call to action. Till voting day in November, individual donors such as George Soros will be seen as the lifeblood of the campaign.