Two Hidden Gem Flavors of EOS Lip Balm

Basically everyone I know either has an EOS lip balm, or has had one at one point and is meaning to make another purchase. I am a huge fan of the EOS product, as they use all natural ingredients and the highest quality of products to make sure that my lips are actually getting moisture, not just being covered up in a gloss or shine that makes them appear moisturized and then leaves me to wake up with dry and chapped lips after I wash it off. View cool stories here on

However, I noticed that many of my friends and co-workers all carry the same EOS lip product. Most of them have either the bright pink Summer Fruit flavor or the extra moisturizing Coconut Milk flavor that comes in a softer pink swirl.

EOS has many, many different flavors that are worth a spin, all available on their website or sites like and often in retailers like Target or Wal-Mart (although they may have a limited supply). Here are the Top 3 “Hidden Gem” flavors of EOS lip balm.


  1. Honeysuckle Honeydew

This is one of my favorites for the fact that the scent and the taste are so playful in nature. Honeysuckle and Honeydew are both sweet and a bit savory and they play very well together inside the light green sphere of this EOS lip balm flavor.


  1. Pomegranate Raspberry

This flavor honestly reminds me of wine. Its flavor profile is extraordinarily rich and also seems to change from first taste to how it finally settles on your lips, just like a great glass of Cabernet. Both the pomegranate and the raspberry are showcased equally and the two make an amazing pair! Raspberry has a bit of a tart kick, while the pomegranate is just as smooth and fruity as ever, see here. When looking for this EOS, look for the deep burgundy sphere that actually resembles the color of a glass of wine.


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